10 Best Student Cities in America

Dozens of American universities annually score the highest points in QS World University Rating. With such high status and popularity, every big university attracts hundreds of thousands applicants who all dream to end up in a prestigious place. The cities where these universities are located have to develop too in order to fulfill high expectations of young people. These ten cities can easily be considered student paradises with all the possibilities they offer.

10. San Diego

San Diego is a perfect spot for everyone who enjoys close proximity to the beach. Home to the University of California San Diego, it’s a place for free spirited students who want to bring something positive in the world. Little cozy bungalows that are just a bike ride distance from the beach are united into cheerful communities of students who promote sustainability and eco-friendly lifestyle. There is almost no such thing as bad weather in San Diego, and its beautiful soul will leave no one indifferent.

9. Pittsburgh

If you want to get the true urban experience, the Steel City is your place. Despite being a big city with highly developed businesses, Pittsburgh still has the lowest student rent cost and is affordable even for those who are living on a shoestring budget. Carnegie Mellon University attracts thousands of international students every year, which makes Pittsburgh especially vibrant and diverse. 

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8. Atlanta

Students who want to get a scoop of real American “South”, but don’t want to go too deep into the swamps, have to reside in Atlanta. However, for the unofficial “heart of the South” that Atlanta is, it’s known for its progressive positions in the period of Civil Rights Movement. Nowadays, it’s a harbor for mostly artistic students because it’s full of art galleries, music shops and historical places. However, there is something to cater to every vocation because Atlanta is a home for three big international universities.

7. Washington DC

According to The Economist Intelligence Unit, Washington DC holds the title of one of the most livable cities despite the slight drop in popularity. The thing is that the capital of every country always tends to attract big numbers of people however huge other cities are. Since Washington DC is the place where you can find the most known American political symbols, it’s no surprise that the University of Maryland located there invites students who want to connect their life with business or politics.

6. Philadelphia

Despite the fact that Washington DC is the official American capital, the biggest chunk of American history was written in Philadelphia. That’s the place where the Declaration of Independence was signed, and where you can find the Liberty Bell. Besides its rich history, Philly has a lot to offer for college graduates because it has a very high employer activity. In addition, it has great food and is a perfect place for young musicians who seek self-realization. If you’re not sure which direction to take in your studies, three universities in Philadelphia will have something for everyone. 

Top 10 Best Student Cities in the US

5. Chicago

The City of Winds is the home to the ninth best university in the world, the University of Chicago. Obviously, it scores very high with its student mix and popularity. One of the features that gives Chicago its own unique vibe is the music scene. Every night there are numerous gigs and little concerts all over the city with blues and jazz being the most beloved genres. Theater lovers also don’t have to go to New York because Chicago is the second theater capital of the US. Finally, who can resist Chicago pizza and the views of the lake?

4. San Francisco

The second best university in the world, Stanford, is located in San Francisco. This fact alone makes it extremely popular among American and international students alike. Besides beautiful hilly landscapes, San Francisco is one of the most attractive places for tech specialists with Silicone Valley being their ultimate goal. 

3. Los Angeles 

Los Angeles is the City of Dreams because everyone coming to study there harbors a big life goal. Unlike Harvard or Stanford that focus mostly on exact sciences, the dreams of Los Angeles students are most commonly connected with music, art, cinematography, fashion, photography and other creative directions. Every sixth person living in Los Angeles works in the creative sphere and every aspiring artist desires to move to LA because in LA everything is possible. This is also one of the most culturally diverse places in the whole world.

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2. New York

The City that Never Sleeps has an image similar to the one of Los Angeles – living there is a dream of many students. In addition, it is also the most desirable place to stay after graduation because it has all kinds of working environments – from Wall Street with its economic strength to East Village with its free spirited lifestyle and live music scene. New York has everything and more, and there in no one who won’t fit in its fast paced rhythm.

1. Boston

Finally, the best student city in America, according to the QS Best Student Cities ranking is Boston. This might be a bit surprising because it’s not the first place that would come to everyone’s mind when thinking about popular cities in the US. However, this is already one of benefits. To begin with, the first and the third best universities in the world are situated there – Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard respectively. The city has one of the largest student percentage in its population and 23% of young people are foreigners. This makes Boston very diverse. Finally, every student studying in Boston can be sure of their future because this place has the best employment rates that are comparable only with London.

Of course, these ten cities are not the only ones that attract students. Baltimore, Houston, Miami and many more have their own vibe and end up becoming a true home for thousands. In the end, it’s not about where you are but what you make of it.