13 Reasons Why You Should Watch 13 Reasons Why

If you think that 13 Reasons Why is just another silly series for kids, you're profoundly mistaken as it has a lot of meaning for teenagers and adults who interact with them. It touches such topics as sexual assault, bullying and teen suicide, telling what it's like to be a teen in today's technology-oriented era. Those are the topics most society members want to hide, but they still exist. It's extremely important to discuss them. And this is what 13 Reasons Why actually does. Therefore, you need to watch it for the following reasons:

  1. To protect the teens. All good parents are committed to protecting their children from bad things. And for that, parents need to understand what's going on in their lives. From 13 Reasons Why, you learn how bullying happens in today's technological era. The main character Hannah experienced humiliation when the pictures of her body were shared among her mates. This can help you think of the ways to protect your child from such experiences.
  2. To learn about suicide. Whether you've ever had suicidal thoughts yourself or not, the series will help you better understand people with suicidal ideation. You can see the series of events that lead Hannah to committing suicide. It will show you how her attempts to get help were not noticed multiple times by her friends, parents and school administration. Although she begins to isolate herself socially, starts getting lower grades and even looks differently, no one notices that something is wrong with her. Food for thought, huh?
  3. To understand bullying better. Bullying has been there most of the time in the history. But in today's technological era the methods of bullying became different and even more creative. The worst thing about it is the covert nature – it includes the victim's pictures showing up online, group texts about her, etc. All adults around teens need to understand how bullying is manifested these days to know the ways to protect the victims.
  4. To protect survivors of sexual assault. I won't tell you who the victims of sexual assault in the series are; I'll just tell that there are two of them. The way they're treated in the series makes you think about how we are treating similar victims in real life. People often tell them to forget what happened, but it doesn't work. 13 Reasons Why shows you why it is wrong and gives you the hints on how you should actually behave when communicating with the victims of sexual assault.
  5. To disturb yourself. It's one of the main points of the series to disturb its audience. Why? Because it shows us that the topic of suicide is taboo. But watching the unfolding events and analyzing them helps you understand that we certainly need to talk about it. If particular moments in the series disturb you more than others, write them down and ask yourself why. Maybe you need to think about them more?
  6. To understand depression better. If you've ever been depressed in your life, you'll be able to relate to Hannah and some other characters. Looking at them from aside will help you understand this mental state much better.
  7. To help misunderstood teens. If you were misunderstood in high school, you'll also find the characters you can relate to. This will give you much food for thought, I'm telling you!
  8. To know how to behave being a misunderstood teen. If you're in high school now and you feel misunderstood most of the time, the series might help you see why it happens and help you deal with that.
  9. To help a depressed friend. Seeing that Hannah commits suicide because no one helps her with her depression will make you want to help people like her. You'll pay more attention to your friends and help them deal with their issues in a proper way.
  10. To enjoy a mysterious dark series. There is a lot of darkness in 13 Reasons Why, so people who like that kind of movies will certainly like it.
  11. To become better as a popular kid. The series helps popular kids in high school to think about their behavior and understand the power they possess in the social dynamic at school. Hopefully, it might help them stop at the right moment and befriend someone instead of bullying them.
  12. To become a more attentive teacher. In the series, no one from the school administration notices a problem with Hannah, even though she asks for help multiple times. They fail to give her recommendations and ultimately neglect her issues. I hope that watching the series teachers will become more attentive to their students.
  13. To know what to do and what not to do. The series highlights the issue of bullying and tells us that we should stop neglecting it. It's important to work on these problems and solve them properly in our schools. It's important to listen to the victims of bullying and provide them with apt help. Only in this case will it be possible to avoid such a horrible outcome.

Watch 13 Reasons Why and learn from it. And remember: in case we don't confront the issue of teen suicide, we'll never solve it.