19 Most Anticipated Movies of 2019

While 2018 was kind enough to bring lots of great movies, sequels, and follow-ups, here’s a new year ahead of us. Following the good tradition, we compiled our very own list of movies that are hitting the big screen this year!

While there is lot’s of movies people await for different reasons, there are few main pies directors have their fingers in: horrors, superhero movies, and animations.

19 Most Anticipated Movies of 2019

The Upside

Directed by Neil Burger, this movie tells a beautiful story about a relationship that was never meant to be. Would you hire an ex-con with little to none motivation when you cannot move a finger? Based on the 2011 French film The Intouchables, this movie will melt hearts and bring up the tears, despite the simple plot behind it. 


Starring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson, this movie will bring us all down to the world of deep secrets, delusions of grandeur and superpowers one posses. Glass will continue the amazing explorations of villains rather than superheroes.

What Men Want

Okay, our parents and/or older siblings watched the good old What Women Want, however, the 2019 dictates we swap the gender roles and let a sports agent hear what the men are thinking. And we do hope she will kick some private parts.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019)

Show me the person who didn’t love these amazing animations? The final part of the trilogy will picture Hiccup ruling the dragon utopia (the village of Berk). An amazing story about soulmates (both human and dragon), love and unbelievable hidden dragon world.

Captain Marvel

Not to run any spoilers here, but this movie will introduce us to Carol Danvers, an airforce pilot with some pretty cool superpowers. And this will be the first Marvel female superhero movie.

Pet Sematary

Based on Stephen King’s book, this adaptation promises to bit different from what we got used to. It is a dark, hard-hitting and thrilling story about a pet cemetery that posses some scary secrets.


While original takes on this graphic novel were everything you could ask for, here’s a new version with smirks, sarcastic comments and lots of fights. 

Pokémon Detective Pikachu

While we do believe that the idea was brought by the phenomenal success of PokemonGo, the era of Pokemons might be a little behind, don’t you think? While the franchise itself is extremely profitable, we have our doubts about this movie as well. However, will have to wait to judge.


Okay, we all get it! After the success of several biopics, it might be hard to resist the temptation not to film yet another one. However, could we please focus on the deceased, because the living ones have their chance to change their life. This biography, however, will focus on the life of Elton John.

The Secret Life of Pets 2

Following the success of 2016’s The Secret Life of Pets, here is the second part of this charming story. Let’s be honest, who is not at least a little bit curious about what our pets do when we are not home?

Dark Phoenix

A part of the X-Men franchise this movie tells a story of Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) whose powers put her and the universe on edge.

Men in Black International

The fourth movie is a good old story with a little James Bond-ish touch and numerous amazing locations. The saddest thing is that we won’t see Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in this one.

The Lion King

Live-action Disney adaptations are amazing and have won millions of hearts, but this year they are doing something incredible! Beloved classic animation and exquisite voice cast will blow your socks off!

Downton Abbey

Based on the popular British show, this movie will follow the lives of fictional Yorkshire estate inhabitants. With some of the main characters and numerous sources of fresh blood, it is one worthy piece.

The Kitchen

Don’t be fooled by the origins of the story, as this crime drama will take your breath away with the fascinating and somewhat tragic story of wives of Irish mobsters, who decide to continue their husbands’ affairs when they are all apprehended by the FBI.
No trailer yet, just Cast and Characters video.


This is Suicide Squad all over again, we swear! The story of the Clown Prince of Crime will star Joaquin Phoenix as the criminal mastermind. Robert De Niro and star Zazie Beetz are also both rumored to co-star.

Here is the list of movies we all await, however, know very little or next to nothing about!

Charlie's Angels

The classic franchise will relive yet another look. From what we know, Lupita Nyong’o and Kristen Stewart are rumored to play. And we don’t have even a teaser!

You Are My Friend

Following the Won’t You Be My Neighbor? documentary, this movie starring Tom Hanks will drain all the tears you might have had.

Star Wars: Episode IX

Okay, we don’t know much about it, but the Lucasfilm gave us hope for incredible trilogy finale with this teaser.

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