5 Best Marvel Movies You Definitely Need to See

Nowadays, we’re all waiting for new Marvel movies to come out every year. Heroes from the Marvel Universe have captured our attention and now we’re all craving to see their new feats and adventures. However, it wasn’t always like this. Let’s take a look into the hazy past. One of the first Marvel movies was made in 1986 and it was called ‘Howard the Duck’. There were a lot of decent DC movies, while Marvel movies that came out were horrible. After the release of ‘Blade’ in 1998 it started to change and with the release of ‘Iron Man’ in 2008, it was transformed completely. Now let’s take a look at the real jewels in Marvel collection.  

Iron Man (2008)

This movie pretty much started the Marvel craze and brought an arrogant but very cool character from the minds of few nerds to the big screen, giving him the deserved attention. Robert Downey Jr. turned out to be such an excellent actor for that role that he easily turned this comic book character into an iconic hero.  

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

While I can’t agree with people who say that this is the best Marvel movie, I can definitely agree that this is one of the best Marvel movies. A team of misfits including different odd characters and a speaking raccoon with a rocket gun roaming around the galaxy turned out to be a great idea.

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

In the past year we were shown two huge superhero movies and when we understood that ‘Dawn of Justice’ was a disappointment, ‘Civil War’ was anticipated with a certain dose of suspicion. Luckily for us, it became one of the best Marvel movies showing an epic conflict of our favorite superheroes. And I’m not even mentioning new cool characters that we weren’t anticipating to see in that movie. 

Logan (2017)

The last movie about Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman is so sentimental, dramatic and genuine that it definitely should be near the top of the list. The movie is named ‘Logan’ because it portrays a human side of the Wolverine as opposed to the superhero side. Seeing his feelings, his old age and ultimately his death for the sake of others’ future is heartbreaking but very rewarding.  

The Avengers (2012)

Have you thought there could be any other candidate for the first place? No way! It’s the first movie that showcases so many superheroes in one movie that reached that level of success. And it’s easy to understand why – amazing cast, outstanding plot, excellent sense of humor and epic battles are the elements that simply blow our mind when mixed together in such a masterful manner. Another cool part is that there were lots of enemies (some of them very charismatic) which our heroes had to battle so that each superhero had an equal portion of attention. Brilliant, just brilliant!