5 Ways To Fight Off Seasonal Depression

It is common for some people to feel down during certain times of the year. After all, it’s getting colder, sun is bleaker, and the real work year is creeping closer. Almost 20% of all Americans experience the symptoms of seasonal depression, so these clear and easy hacks should be useful.

Make the best out of the remaining sunlight

Yes, the weather might not be as warm and you have to put on more and more clothes to stay comfy, but that should not prevent you from getting that all important vitamin D. Even in winter a stroll around the neighborhood should be enough to shake you up and chase away that ubiquitous feeling of sadness. Additionally, walks, just like any physical exercise, can increase your endorphin levels and help you with any headaches you might be enduring.

Let some light into your life

Winter is a gloomy season, despite how beautiful it can be sometimes. While natural sunlight might be scarce, that does not mean you should just patiently suffer till spring. A light box with blue diodes can trick you organism into increasing the serotonin levels. If you are not afraid your neighbors will think that you a little strange, you can also replace your white light bulbs with blue ones. And if the weather allows for it, simply open the blinds and let the nature take care of you.

Add some movement to your life

It is more fun to exercise in summer. Most people decrease their physical activity in winter. However, that does not mean you should simply abandon your routine when the colder season comes. Replace your runs and tennis with something that can be done at home. Download a fun exercise course or try a class that interests you.

Eat happy food

Sadly, happy food is not always the food that makes you instantly happy, such as chips or candy. More often than not, people who neglect healthy food stuff, especially veggies and fruit, end up depressed or anxious. That does not mean that you should deny yourself any product that does not have the right amount of vitamins. Just be more careful about what you eat.

Chamomile does wonders

In winter, some people suffer from depression, while others experience mood swings and anxiety. Naturally, to help out their patients, specialists have discovered a new and wondrous super drug, which is simply chamomile tea. Yes, the teas and supplements produced from this simple flower can sooth many mental illness symptoms and make you a calmer and more balanced person. However, you must first consult your doctor.

Hopefully, these simple hacks will help you get through the depressing winter months and become a happier person.