6 Best Low-Cost Gifts Ideas

If you're like most of the students and can’t afford expensive presents but would still like to make impressive gifts, then this article is what you’re looking for. You don’t need to have a lot of money to present excellent gifts – use our tips.

6 Low-cost Gifts Ideas and Forget about Gifts Present Dilemma

  1. Picture or design in a beautiful frame.  Since everything became digital, people rarely remember that photos can be printed. Can you remember the last time somebody gave you a physical copy of the photo? If you’re out of cash, choose a great photo, print it with the highest possible quality and select a cool frame. Mind that not only photos go into frames. You can also get a thick piece of paper, put some headlines, pieces of pictures or newspapers on glue, and make a personal design in the frame. Both will look quite cool and won’t cost much.
  2. College-themed gift. If those nice $60 sweatshirts that you’ve seen on the campus store yesterday are too expensive for you, don’t worry – there are many more great college-themed gifts which are cheaper. T-shirts, bumper stickers, cups, key chains are just some of them.
  3.  The gift of time. Have you thought that money is just one form of wealth? Your friends, family, living conditions and time are others forms of wealth, and you can use one of them, namely time as a present. Volunteer with your dad, take your time to help friends with math or other disciplines that you’re strong at or babysit for your parents so that they can go out. You won’t spend a penny and make a great present at the same time.
  4. Hand-made present. Remember when you created some cool things with your own hands? Or maybe you have some other creative talent like writing poems, painting, photographing etc. That type of gift will be the most valuable.
  5. Create a memory box. You can find a little box somewhere in the campus or go to the gift shop. When you have the box, fill it with things that unite you and the person that you’re giving the gift to – it can be photos, used tickets to places that you’ve been together, pieces of clothes etc. Also write bright joint memories on the piece of paper or several pieces of paper and put it in the box as well. That’s one of the best personal, meaningful gifts that you can make.
  6. Turn usual gift into a special one. Movie and a dinner is a classic gift for boyfriend or girlfriend, but sometimes even that seems to be unaffordable. Think about how you can change rules a little bit – mix movie and breakfast. The bills will definitely be cheaper and the experience that you provide – unique.

See? Good presents don’t have to be expensive! Use these ideas and your own creativity to impress your friends and relatives every time you’re invited to special occasion.