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6 Great Ideas for Secret Santa Presents

This great time of the year when you have to think about Christmas presents has finally arrived. While this is fun, bonding and pretty cool for any group/team, it also means you have to think about one more present. We came up with a list of some great ideas to help you. We’ve divided them into the Basic level gifts and Level Up gifts (with ideas from $5 up to $50 depending on your budget).

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Basic Ideas For Secret Santa Gifts

#1 Weather-related gifts, which highly depend on the state and city you are in. Such type of gifts includes a spare pair of gloves or mittens, extra umbrella or sunscreen lotion for those lucky people in LA. Why is it good? Once in a while, we all forget these little things and having an extra one in your car/workplace is a good idea.

#2 Beverage set. We divided this idea into:

  • Innocent Section: If you are on the tight budget, and under 21, you can get cocoa mix with marshmallows, tea set with different flavors or just some good coffee. You know what will work well? A gift card from a local coffee shop.
  • 21+ Section. If both you and a potential gift-receiver are 21+, you can get a bottle of wine, or related present: corkscrew, set of 2 glasses, or even a wine/beer tasting notebook.
  • Accessories.  You can never go wrong with a high-quality travel coffee mug, water bottle or a simple mug with a little twist (you can get a mug with a warming pad that charges from your USB).

#3 Technology. It doesn’t really matter if you (or the receiver of a present) are a tech geek or not. There are such gifts like durable charging cables and power banks to keep one’s gadgets juiced up, memory sticks (if someone still needs them) or hand-sized printers.

#4 Desktop accessories. Oh, great world of stationary! From fun stamps and stencils, spare notebook, charging docs to the desktop fridge that can fit 6 cans.

Level-Up Your Secret Santa Game

For this level of gifts, you will need some thorough research on someone you’re supposed to get a present.

#5 Gift card. If you know someone likes something, makes posts about it, or follows specific Facebook pages, you may well get them a specific gift card. Why is this better than getting an actual present? This gives a person a chance to select a specific gift or pamper themselves with something they always wanted but never would buy. Need an example? Some time ago, I noticed my colleague browsing Plum Paper website. Not sure if she ordered her 2018 planner, I can get her a gift card, so she can order something she would LOVE!

#6 Hand-crafted gifts. If you know someone pretty well and are sure they will love a hand-made gift, go ahead! Here you can let your fantasy guide you! Scrapbook album, hand-stitched blanket, personalized home decor. I even saw a girl making Christmas wreath with monogrammed initials as a Secret Santa gift. And trust me, with proper planning, you can fit in the smallest budget.

Extra Bonus

We also came up with a list of taboo presents, as they can be easily misinterpreted and can cause you lots of troubles. Do not dare to buy:

  • Personal care products, such as shampoo, soap, and lotions (one may think you are trying to signal that they smell bad).
  • Jewelry especially rings. Do I even have to explain?
  • Medicine. Many people are extremely superstitious and such gifts will only make them worry more.
  • Allergy-provoking products. As tempting as it may seem to buy someone a great quality peanut butter or almond milk beverage, do your research first, please.
  • Insulting gifts. A friend of mine ones got a Weight Loss Kit for Dummies as if it is anywhere near a good gift.

No matter what gift you choose and get, wishes you a great holiday season! Keep yourself warm!

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