6 Ways to Study Better Today

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, the results are bound to disappoint you. In my freshman year, I have tried so hard, and yet got disappointing scores for tests and essays. The reason for this was bad studying habits. I worked diligently, but not in a practical way. Here are the tips that will allow you to improve your studying style and be more successful.

Evaluate how much time you need to study

It is generally said that every hour in class should be proceeded with three hours of independent study. Certain higher level classes might require even more dedication. This means that a conventional courseload of fifteen credit hours constitutes a full forty hour workweek. This means that in order to manage all your responsibilities, you need to make a study schedule.

Avoid late night study sessions

There are some people who genuinely work and study better at night. For all the rest of us mortals, midnight cramming is as tiring as it is useless. Your brain genuinely works much worse when you have not had enough time to sleep. And an erratic sleeping schedule can reduce your cognitive functions permanently. The resulting state is similar to being permanently jet-lagged.

Focus on a single task

On average, women are better at multitasking than men. However, even females can’t concentrate properly on memorization if they constantly check their social media messages, post pictures, and check for updates. There are loads of programs, apps, and browser extensions that can help you become more productive by blocking access to your devices for specific periods of time. Check them out!

Utilize any study tool that works for you

Some people feel that using flashcards or making notes with highlighters and colored pens is embarrassing. After all, these are the techniques usually taught in middle school. The thing is, if something works for you personally, shying away from it is a spectacularly silly thing to do. So take out your markers and underline away.

Study with other people

Talking about the concepts you are trying to learn helps with both memorization and understanding. There’s nothing better than studying groups when it comes to grasping complicated ideas. You are basically using the knowledge and intelligence of several people at once instead of struggling to be yourselves.

Don’t waste time on wrong material

It is common for scholars to differ in their opinions. This is why there are multiple points of view on the same subjects. It often happens that overeager students read materials online that do not follow the attitudes widely accepted in the field. In order to avoid such unfortunate circumstance, you should always pay attention to study guides and the literature recommended by your professor during lectures. Anything else might get you in trouble during exams.

Hopefully, our pieces of advice will help you study more efficiently from now on.