6 Websites You Can Use to Get Great Music

Music is a universal drug. It helps improve mood and forget about problems, relax and raise productivity. For example, different researches indicate that listening to the music while eating improve digestion. The same can be said about studying process. Sure, some people can say that listening to the music while learning something is not very helpful, but we are sure that there are people who find it a good way to boost learning process.

This article is exactly for such people! We will provide you with a short list of websites, which can be used to look for new music and relaxing playlists.


The first website is 8tracks. The site is attractive for music lovers because it offers a possibility to create own playlists, as well as to listen to the playlists made up by other users. As a result, you will be able to sort music by genres and your current mood.


The current website is a good source of the latest songs. The platform is designed in such a way that it searches and sorts the most shared compositions, as well as the most popular ones at the current period. As a result, by using the website, you will be able to listen to the latest hits.


A wide variety of songs is available at Indieshuffle. However, regardless of the site name, you can find the music of not only Indie style there. The website will also be useful for lovers of such genres as rock, electric music, folk, alternative, and countless remixes. New music is constantly uploaded at the website, which makes is popular among thousands of users. In addition to that, the site has a very simple navigation. Moreover, choosing a song to listen, you will be offered similar artists and genre, which makes it possible to find new bands that will be interesting for you.


It is a web source, which gathers music from different portals depending on the number of plays a specific song has. The website also offers a list of similar tracks and artists so you can listen to the different music the whole day long. It is a smart website as it follows your preferences and makes your music experience extremely enjoyable.


Some users may say that this website is similar to the one we have mentioned before: 8tracks. However, there is a crucial difference between them. While the 8tracks gives a possibility to compose your own playlists, playlists at Songza are created by professionals. It means that the music is uploaded at the website by different musicians, music bloggers, DJs, different record companies, etc. Moreover, the playlists uploaded at the given website are longer, which reduces a possibility to hear the same song in a short period of time.


Without doubt, it is the best music portal. You are free to listen to whole albums before you make up your mind to buy them, as well as music from different playlists.