7 Steps toward an Impeccable Movie Critique Essay

I bet that you could write a film evaluation essay with more relish as compared to a regular essay because it’s nearly impossible to find a person who wouldn’t like to unwind watching a classy flick and enjoying a cup of joe or nibbling something scrumptious. What’s more, it’s way more exciting to write about something you find delightful. You can opt for an insightful analysis of your favorite movie or a classification essay on movie in general if you’re a real aficionado of cinematography.

However, keep in mind that writing a movie critique essay involves much more than a mere review. So what is a movie critique? While the latter presents your point of view and sums up the plot of the film, the former digs deeper and discusses more serious aspects of the film, including the settings, an underlying theme, acting, symbolism, etc. If you can discuss these details in a more professional manner, you shouldn’t have hard time composing this type of essay. 

Steps for Writing Movie Critique Essay

How to Write a Movie Critique Step by Step

Any essay requires much endeavor and therefore seems intimidating, but if you have mapped out a precise plan, you will definitely write it with panache. Have a look at a guide below to be able to compose a truly brilliant movie analysis essay with minimum efforts. In case you’re in a predicament and for some reason it seems like you won’t make it, professional online writing services are always ready to lend you a helping hand. 

Anyway, there are 7 key steps that will lead you to success in writing a movie evaluation essay:

Step#1: for starters, watch the movie. It goes without saying that you need to watch a movie first to be able to analyze it thoroughly. Additionally, you have to be an active viewer who meticulously mulls over each and every detail that contributes to the underlying theme of the film. In the process of watching have a notebook at hand. Put on pause where necessary and jot down everything that deserves attention. Don’t look for some general guidelines on what to include in your essay because there aren’t any. A film evaluation essay is an individual piece of writing since it reflects the way you perceive this or that film. Be confident and try to note some meaningful details like the way someone looks, a thought-provoking dialogue or phrase, the role of settings, or things you particularly liked or disliked. 

Step#2: reveal the main components. It’s of utmost importance to identify the central theme of the film as quickly as possible. Themes are so crucial because they serve as a life lesson or a subtle message that a director wants to get across. For instance, films may be focused on such themes as marital relationship, domestic violence, loneliness, success, etc. Furthermore, you’re supposed to mention the genre of the film, elaborate on the plot, specify the scenes that somehow lead the viewer to the central theme or message, as well as describe the setting. 

Step#3: examine the characters. Concentrate on the movie characters and write down in your notebook key information about the characters that would help to form an opinion of them. Try to define the mission of each character in the story. Indicate a protagonist, antagonist, and secondary figures. Contemplate what human qualities each character embodies. Also, don’t underestimate the importance of the setting. Sometimes, nature can play a role of a leading character (as in the movie man vs. wild nature). 

Step#4: consider the input of actors and the director. When reviewing a movie, it’s essential to take notice of the people who created it. This concerns not only cast, directors, and producers but also other people who belong to the film crew, including camera operators, script writers, costume designers, engineers, etc. Obviously, it’s not necessary to mention each and every group of people that contributed to the production of the movie; instead, choose certain elements that heighten the effect of this or that scene. In particular, you may want to emphasize how sumptuous props added to the atmosphere of royalty if the movie revolves around a royal family and their daily routine. 

Step#5: provide a synopsis. You don’t need to dig into all the intricacies and nuances of the plot. A brief insight into the main events of the storyline would suffice. Note that your task is to analyze the film, not to summarize it, so don’t pay much attention to this section. This should be an outline that enlightens the readers as to what the given film is about. 

Step#6: it’s high time you got down to actually writing an essay. After you have figured out all the details of the movie and put them on paper, you can finally start composing your essay. You can accelerate the process if you prepare a precise plan (also called outline) ahead of time. Just make a list of points/things you’re going to discuss in each paragraph. You can always rely on a standard five paragraph essay structure to save yourself the trouble. 

Here’s a classic movie evaluation essay template:

  • First paragraph: general information about the movie and your thesis statement;
  • Second paragraph: a concise overview of the story;
  • Third paragraph: settings, style, characters, acting, and your opinion;
  • Fourth paragraph: analysis of the deeper layers of the movie, including a underlying idea behind the storyline ;
  • Fifth paragraph: conclude the points mentioned in the main body and reiterate your thesis.

Step#7: edit it. Before you submit your essay, ensure that it’s flawless in terms of grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation. In other words, proofread it carefully. If you don’t have a good eye for mistakes or inconsistencies on paper, it’s better to assign this task professional writing services like BestWritingService.com