Gifts for Students Who Study Abroad

In case your friend has decided to study abroad and you want to give him or her a meaningful gift, what would you choose to present? If you have no good answer to this question, you can use this article to guide you.

Select one of the gifts from the list and you make your friend happy! 

  1. Backpack. You can never go wrong with a gift like this. Your friend can use it for school, as a cabin luggage or for the road trips. It can also be very functional if it has a lot of pockets and sections made especially for certain things, such as a notebook, keys, wallet, medicine, a lunch box, and even pens! A big plus would be such features as waterproof material, super great waist straps etc.

  2. Adapter. Just like we need food, all our electronic devices also need food and you can’t always feed them on time. That’s what you require an adapter for. Harsh truth is that different countries have different plugs and one adapter won’t suffice. The only exception is a universal adapter. So, if you can find one, it will definitely be a great present to your friend.

  3. External battery. One can’t talk about electronics without mentioning a portable battery. It will be especially appropriate if your friend likes photography and makes a lot of photos, because in this case having additional batteries is an absolute must.
  4. Journal. You have to know your friend well in order to make this gift, because some people think that journals are outdated. However, there are also a lot of people who still prefer to use a pen and a good journal. It can be used as a planner, a travel journal, a dairy or a sketchbook. Search AliExpress for cool journals – there are plenty of them there.
  5. DIY travel guide. If you have time and inspiration to create this, it can be one of the best gifts to make, because you will fill it with your own energy and efforts. Research the country that your friend will visit and create a list of must-visit attractions. Don’t forget to ask your friend to send postcards from these places! 
  6. Scarf. If you want to present a piece of clothes, a scarf might be the best option, because you don’t have to know the size and taste peculiarities of your friend. Although, a scarf is not that personal, it is a very useful gift, especially if you know that your friend will be moving to the cold place.
  7. Cream. This might sound silly, but a cream for hands is also a very useful gift. The best option would be buying your friend’s favorite cream.
  8. Kindle. A perfect gift for the book lover. Even if they prefer physical format, we’re often put in the situations where we have to be very mindful about the weight we carry with us. That’s exactly the case when they’ll need a Kindle! Cool supplement to the Kindle would be some interesting e-books or at least a list of books that you recommend to read. 

We hope one of those gifts will make your friend happy!