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A Perfect Common App Essay

Justify Your Motivation in a Common App Essay

A common app essay is one of the most difficult aspects of learning in colleges and universities. It is a unique type of academic writing, which aims to give students voice in the discussion and analysis of their personal motivations, goals, aspirations, and attributes. Writing common app essays can be particularly challenging, since students need to know how to prioritize among their personal goals and how to describe their personal attributes consistently. Moreover, such essays should not look as simply a list of facts. They should be coherent and logically organized, while emphasizing the most relevant features of the student's personality.

Students can use a whole array of common app essay ideas, but they should not disregard the purpose and function of their paper. In most cases, such essays are written as part of the admission process to a college or university. To win the academic competition, applicants should know how to emphasize their strengths and acknowledge their weaknesses. Their common app essay will serve as one of the main criteria in making an admission or scholarship decision.

This being said, common app essays can be extremely difficult, but they are crucial for the professional and learning success of every student. Remember that you are not the only one struggling to obtain scholarship. Thousands of other students submit their common app essay prompts for analysis and consideration. Therefore, be ready to produce a paper that emphasizes your strengths and readiness to study and, at the same time, makes you stand out among your peers.

Apparently, you have dozens of common app essay questions. However, the main thing you should know is that you can always find quality and affordable help with your common app essay. There is nothing you should worry about, when you are with a credible and professional writing service.

Be Honest

One of the most typical mistakes made by students as they are writing their common application essays is exaggerating their strengths, while disregarding their weaknesses. A successful common app essay always creates an objective picture of your reality. Thus, you must be honest with yourself and others. Your task is to elaborate on your strengths but also recognize your weaknesses. In addition, do not forget to provide an insight into your values and principles. Be serious and thorough in your judgments. Suggest how being admitted to the college of your choice will help you address your weaknesses in the future. 

Be Detailed

No matter what common app essay topics you wish to discuss in your paper, always include enough detail to make the story more vivid. You do not need to use sophisticated terms or technical language to achieve the desired purpose. Members of the admission committee will evaluate your ability to describe complex issues in a simple and comprehensive manner. Be creative. Incorporate your knowledge and experience into your writing. If you need to do additional research, do not hesitate to do it. Do not be afraid to ask for help, when you need it most!

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