A Second Chance to Taste Student’s Life

It happens that not everything comes successfully on the first attempt. Why not to try one more time and pursue your dream? The most courageous people get back to school to make their dreams of receiving a desired diploma the reality. 

I remember my feeling of being a freshman in college. Every single thing about campus life made me feel excited. The main priorities for me were business and education. When I visited the first class of the course, I anticipated my flourishing career in the sphere. Unfortunately, my dreams did not come true. The reason was that I chose the subjects I thought to be the most beneficial, but they were absolutely not my cup of tea. I did not listen to my heart and selected the majorities listening to the pieces of advice of other people.

What happened next was pretty predictable. In a very short period of time, I realized that I had made a huge mistake. Mostly all my group mates felt comfortably studying that branch of science, but not me. It was so hard to make myself do something with inspiration and curiosity. Nothing lightened the sparkle of interest in me.

The other events in my life made all my dreams totally fade away. I got married and soon had a baby. The routine of everyday life crushed my dreams of coming back to college into pieces. Despite the fact I realized the importance of getting a formal degree, there was nothing I could do at that time.

I always felt passionate about studying and enjoyed the process. Therefore, it was not laziness that made me drop out of college. Learning new information was beyond price for me. I devoted the spring of my life to get new skills and widen my horizons.

Why did I try again?

Years passed and soon my son came to the question of entering a college. This situation really shook me up. I wanted to help him somehow. Having once made a mistake, I wanted to help my son avoid it. What I did was searching for the appropriate places for him to receive a degree in the Arts.

Then I myself decided to make a second try. I spent months selecting the best programs and finally found a great variant for me. Wood’s External Degree Program at St. Mary-of-the-Woods College seemed to be perfect for me. I knew exactly what I needed. This is the second time I am a fresher in the campus and it feels perfect. I feel this is the right place for me.

My life story is not unusual. The same things happen to thousands young people. Once you realize you have chosen the wrong way, look for the possibilities to change the situation and take one more try.