Digital Access Programs

Students save money and improve grades

By partnering with colleges and universities, textbook publishers and learning companies, offer students an alternative way to guarantee they have course materials on the first day of class at a substantial discount. These programs make it easier and more affordable to access materials they need to succeed.

Indiana's Grand Textbook Compromise

Inside Higher Ed on Indiana University's eText Initiative

Program Elements

Student Benefits

While every institution is different, some benefits to participating in Digital Access Programs:

Success Stories

Indiana University

As a part of their strategic plan for IT, IU began piloting their eText Initiative in 2009. The goal was to address digital delivery of course materials to reduce cost, offer materials of choice, enable new tools and create sustainable models. Since then, 47,000 students have saved more than $15 million. Both faculty and students prefer the day-one material access. Students have reported to be more engaged with material, resulting in increased learning.

University of California Davis

In 2014, UC Davis piloted the Inclusive Access program with two main goals in mind: reducing the cost of course materials and improve educational outcomes for students. Since then, the award-winning program has helped 17,000 students save more than $2.3 million. Students are given free access to their course materials two weeks before the start of class. If students remain in the class, they retain access and a charge is placed on their university account. Students also have a choice to opt-out and no charge is made to their account.

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Since beginning its program in the Fall of 2014, faculty participation in the digital discount program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville has quadrupled - from 8 to 38. Students have materials on the first day of class and pay an average of 60% less than if they purchased materials using any other method. Materials are fully integrated into the university's learning management system, which allows for automatic grading and real-time analytics.