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Add GLOW to Your Life

Netflix always provides us with good shows. One of its recent series GLOW is not an exception. If you are wondering what you should be watching next and haven’t watched GLOW yet, add it to your list immediately. Interesting like many other shows from Netflix, this new television series is also very unpredictable, intriguing, and fresh. It will give you glitter. It will give you spectacular fights. It will give you girl power.

I’m not alone in my admiration of this wonderful show – critics, too, say it’s a success. For example, according to Rotten Tomatoes ratings, the show got 95% approval.

Reasons why you should watch GLOW

  1. Talented Actors

The cast is just incredible. One look at Alison Brie, who is unbelievably talented, tells the viewers that their expectations will be met. The show also stars Sydelle Noel, Betty Gilpin, Britney Young, and Marc Maron. Thanks to the outstanding talent of the actors, the characters look very realistic, lively, and bright. I was so immersed in their world that at some moment I even forgot it was not real. 

GLOW tells a story of thirteen female wrestlers (just imagine how beautiful it looks on the screen). Although none of the actresses had previous wrestling experience (just as their characters, in fact), they performed all the stunts themselves. We see how step by step the characters (and the actors, obviously) manage to excel at this spectacular sport. 

  1. Back to the fabulous 80’s.

Did you say you missed the 80’s? You want them – you got them. GLOW is a magical time portal which gets its viewers directly to this period, the decade when the story unfolds. The directors obviously have an eye for detail since every hairstyle, every dress, and every piece of jewelry looks like it has been taken right out of the time when our parents just started dating.

  1. Soundtracks will make you go crazy.

I signed into iTunes right after the pilot episode. Seriously, Patty Smyth, Journey, and Patti Labelle are unforgettable. Every new episode gives us a few great hits, so expect your playlist to be updated very soon!

  1. Girl power rocks!

In this television show, women claim power in every possible and impossible way. They put a big fight both in the ring and in their private lives. The characters are all very different – some already have families, some are young and ambitious. However, they all have one thing in common – they are women in the male world, so they are doing their best to make a breakthrough in the acting industry – quite a challenging task. The patriarchal society tells them what they should do and how they should behave, but these strong women have set their minds on breaking the mold and setting themselves free from stereotypes and discrimination.

The show also explores the relationships between women and explores how they cope with betrayal, jealousy, and other kinds of personal drama. GLOW is inspirational because it shows how strong women can be when they unite and fight for their rights together.

  1. Exceptional writing.

I won’t say much to avoid spoilers, but the writing is marvelous. The dialogues are very emotional and witty, the characters are dynamic. The plotline (with numerous subplots) is gripping. I absolutely loved humor in GLOW. All the jokes seem to be perfectly timed, never forced, and hilarious. There’s much glamour and glitter, though, but how else could you GLOW?

  1. The show for all generations.

The show raises the real-life burning issues relatable to the representatives of different generations. Such things as love and romance, friendship and betrayal, family and career are familiar to everyone. Apart from that, GLOW shows what challenges aspiring actresses go through on their way to the “pipe dream.”

  1. Depicts stereotypes as they are.

Those who have seen professional wrestling games or the real GLOW know that the characters in the industry are stereotypical. Some of them could be called harmless, such as an American cowgirl type, while others are just racist. The role of these intentionally offensive types is to drive the audience on and make them angry. Some episodes in the show are drawn from the real-life situations, like when Virgil, a dark-skinned wrestler, had to fight a member of KKK. Such moments are debatable and uncomfortable to watch, but the TV series shows us the harsh reality of the professional wrestling industry. We see that wrestlers go through an inner struggle when they are forced to represent stereotypical characters regardless of their personal convictions and feelings.

  1. Realistic relationships

Some movies fail to represent interpersonal relationships accurately and I catch myself thinking “No, a real person would never do that.” To be honest, I don’t remember a single a moment I had this feeling when I was watching GLOW. The relationships in this television series are complex, unpredictable, sometimes difficult, sometimes upsetting, and sometimes funny – just like in the real life. The moments when you have no other choice but to work with a person who betrayed you, when there is no one to support you when you need it, or when a promising romantic relationship becomes a total mess – we all know how it feels and GLOW depicts it with 100% authenticity.

So, these are my reasons why GLOW is worth watching. The show is realistic, intriguing, and spectacular – a perfect choice for your next binge-watch.