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Additional Services

Progressive Delivery

Where a customer would prefer to receive their order in sections rather than all at once, this is something that is happy to do.  This method is more flexible and it is an excellent choice for anyone who has papers that are longer and perhaps more challenging than standard papers. This method of delivering a paper is usually more suitable for anyone with assignments that are, for instance, over twenty pages long or maybe 10+ e.g., if they are typed in single-spacing as opposed to double, which can increase the size of the paper to perhaps 20 or 20+ pages.         

The Benefits of Having a Paper Delivered in Parts or Sections

  • By choosing’s special service, customers can be confident every assignment they order will be flawlessly written by an expertly-qualified writer and thoroughly checked by a fastidious editor.
  • Delivering a paper progressively (e.g., in parts) renders it more manageable and it makes tracking its progress easier. It is a method that allows sufficient time for the paper to be checked by the customer – they may simply feel it is perfect or they may want adjustments – before the date their supervisor has allowed for submission.
  • Each order is entrusted into the personal care of an manager whose job is to oversee the writing process – from ensuring appropriate and effective methods of communication are in place to accommodate writer and customer to ensuring a satisfactory outcome.     
  • With progressive delivery, customers have more time - 30 days - to get their papers amended at no extra cost. Although our company offers free revisions with every order, the usual cut-off time for these is 2 days.   

Order completion/delivery process*: 

  • Agreed completion time equals 4 days or less: In a scenario like this, you should be sent 25% of your paper once 50% of the completion time has expired. (Example: Agreed completion time equals 2 days and order size equals 20 pages. In a situation like this, when 1 day of the 2 days deadline has passed, you should be sent 5 pages of your order by            
  • Agreed completion time equals 5 to 11 days: Here, you should be sent 25% and 50% of your paper once 25% and 50% of the completion time has expired.           
  • Agreed completion time equals 12 days (or greater): With this deadline, you should be sent 25%, 50%, and 75% of your paper once 25%, 50%, and 75% of the completion time has expired.    

Our company charges a minimal fee for this useful service i.e. +15%. 

* If it should happen that you do not find this method of receiving an order completely suited to your particular situation, you should immediately speak to the manager in charge of your order (or one of our representatives) to discuss other options. Our agents will always do their utmost to help you find the best possible solutions for your circumstances or situation.   

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Additional Services (for Small Orders) 

These services are primarily aimed at orders under 20 pages in length:   


If you need (or would like) a draft of your paper, can provide you with:

  • 300 words of draft on one page if you require it in double-spacing
  • 600 words of draft on one page if you want it in single-spacing.

We can send these 1-page texts to you when half the agreed deadline (i.e. 50% of it) expires. Therefore, if we agree a completion timeframe of 2 days with you, we will send your draft upon expiration of 1 day of this time. 


This is an option our company often recommends to individuals whose tutors (or supervisors) have asked for updates or progress reports at different stages of a research assignment or project. However, anyone can request a summary from As the title suggests, these are short 1-page documents that sum-up the most critical points/ideas/information from a more lengthy text.  

Extended Revisions

By requesting an extension to our company’s standard revision time (which is 48 hours), you get up to 14 days to ask us to amend/revise your paper at no additional cost.