Admission Essay Writing Guide

A college admission essay is a particularly important task since it helps the person to pass the application process successfully. If you need to apply to some particular educational institution or academic course, you will have to write an interesting admission essay. It should demonstrate your personality as well as your brilliant writing skills. This task is quite time-consuming, but the result is worth all those efforts. The main purpose of the admission essay is to show your multifaceted character to the admission committee. Thus, your college admissions essay should be creative and unforgettable. Think carefully about some interesting episode of your life. What have you learned from it? What experience have you got? What ideas you want to share with the application committee?

            Indeed, there are many topics that can bring you the desired result. Create something original or choose something from the following list:

  • What event contributed to the development of your personality?
  • What achievement makes you a special person?
  • What dreams and desires do you have? What tools are you going to use to turn your dreams into reality?
  • What are your career inspirations? How can this particular college or university contribute to your self-development?
  • What have you learned about yourself? What practices do you use to explore your personality?
  • What previous experience changed your life?
  • What people can influence your thoughts and decisions? Who is your role model?
  • In what college activities are you going to participate?
  • Forecast the important issues for your country on the next decade.
  • How would your friends and relatives characterize you? 

Key Points to Consider

  • Before the writing process, just sit and write down all the interesting ideas that come to your mind. Think about your topic and define three-four interesting aspects that will be discussed in your college admission essay;
  • Do not write in sophisticated language. The application committee will not assess your ability to use figurative speech; they just want to understand if your candidacy fits their educational institution;
  • Organize your admission essay properly. Your application essay should not be just a flow of illogical statements – all your sentences should be united with one topic and be connected with each other. To achieve this goal, feel free to use the appropriate transition words.
  • Use some “grabbers” – the thought-provoking or controversial ideas that will make your essay memorable. Remember that your application essay is your perfect chance to enter the college or university without the extra efforts. Once the admissions essay is written, do not hesitate to proofread it several times to make sure it is free of flaws and shortcomings.