Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program Affiliate Program

At we know that students often have really tight budgets thus, we allow our customers to reap the benefits of considerable bonuses from our best educational writing affiliate program. We keep our prices reasonable for students to be able to order as many custom papers as they really need. On top of that, we perceive our clients as our partners and we want them to profit from introducing our company to other students. Read more about the advantages of cooperating with us and start earning money today.

Choose Us and We Will Make our Cooperation Maximally Smooth!

Writing assignments seem to be not so scary and complicated? Of course, because you’ve started using! Now your papers are written by a professional team ready to cope with tasks of any difficulty, writing level and style.

Sure, you’ve already used discounts provided by our custom writing service and saved some money while ordering papers. What about earning some money? You may ask if that is possible at all. Our answer is YES.

Just use our affiliate program option, get a special code and send it to a friend. As part of our affiliate program you will receive 10% of every order that people you refer place with our company. Additionally, every person you refer to us will get a specially discounted price the first time they order a product or service from us. The more friends you invite, the more money you get. Who knows, maybe in few weeks you will be ordering best custom writings for free? Hope you will.

Get more with our best writing affriliate program, earn money while your custom-written papers are getting ready!

Affiliate Program Affiliate Program (mobile)

Who can become the BestWritingService affiliate?

  • Social accounts

    Place links to our website on your social accounts. Use Viber / Facebook / Twitter / WhatsApp to promote.
  • Discount code

    Earn money sharing your discount code via email to anybody after signing up for our affiliate program.
  • Business cards

    Print business cards and distribute to your friends for becoming our affiliate parther.
  • YouTube

    Find out how to promote your discount code on Youtube. Create a special Youtube channel to promote your code.
  • Promo code

    You should give your special promo code or your referral link to your friends. Join them by following link.
  • Everyone

    On second thought, everyone who’s interested in earning can take their bonus by becoming a new affiliate partner!

Affiliate Program Usage in Details

To earn from our best writing affiliate program, it is necessary to first order from us. At the time of placing your first order, we will create a personal account for you on our site. Then, you will be given access to a promotional code and/or a link that you can share with friends by means of email, messaging service, or a social networking site. Every customer who uses the code you provide to them or clicks on the link will be remembered by our system.

Upon clicking the referral link or entering the promotion code, your friend will be taken to our online order form. Their entitlement to a discount will automatically be applied and this is how they will receive a discount the first time they order from us.

Once your friend has paid for and completed their order, you will receive your 10% earnings from the total cost of that order. Any money you earn in this way can be used against the next order you place with, or it can be withdrawn by Wire Transfer.

Hence, the process is as simple as you passing the referral link or special code we give you on to your acquaintances. Then, if they use either of these means to order from our website, they will get a good discount while you get a 10% cut of the cost of their order. This is a situation where everyone wins!