All You Need to Know about Pentecost

The Old Testament describes Pentecost as a holiday that took place fifty days after Passover. The latter praises the day when the Israelites became free from the slavery of Egypt. Thus, Pentecost honors the gift of ten commandments that were given by God to Moses.

The new covenant of the Messiah brings new meaning to the Passover event by describing it as a feast devoted to praising the death of Christ and His resurrection. Furthermore, the New Testament renews the Pentecostal feast by describing the disciples of Christ who witnessed the descent of the Holy Spirit. After that, the apostles obtained “the power from on high” that inspired them to bear witness to Jesus, the King and the Lord. Traditionally, this moment is known as the Church’s birthday.

During the Christian liturgical services, Pentecost is honored in unity with the full revelation of the Divine Trinity. The Church hymns praise the manifestation of the fullness of the Godhead as the ultimate act of God’s self-donation and self-disclosure to the world created by Him. Thus, according to the Orthodox tradition, Pentecost Sunday is also known as Trinity Day.

Pentecost is also well-known as an apocalyptic day because it is the day of final revelation. Christians also name it as a eschatological day because it marks a final and perfect end day.

It must be mentioned that Pentecost is not only the feast that honors the event that happened many centuries ago. According to the religious tradition, it is a celebration that happens to all Christians today. As the members of the Holly Church, we obtain “the seal of the Holy Spirit gift ” during the ritual known as Chrismation. Thus, Pentecost has happened to all the Christians.

In 2017, Pentecost is celebrated on June 4. All the conscious Christians will come to the churches and take part in liturgical services. So, remember about your spirit on this day and lets pray together!