Amazing Ghost Towns

Nowadays, abandoned ghost towns are considered as popular tourist attractions. So, check the most incredible deserted places out!

  1. Kolmanskop, located in Southern Namibia, is a ghost town, devoured by the desert. In 1908, due to the diamond fever, people moved to Kolmanskop and founded the city. However, later they left it due to a decrease in diamond sales. As a consequence, sand swallowed it up.
  2. Ukrainian Prypiat is a dangerous attraction for tourists. The town, being home for Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant workers, was abandoned in 1986 after the explosion at the plant. People were leaving buildings along with everything inside. Today, the city looks like a scene from a post-apocalyptical movie where trees grow inside the apartments.
  3. A futuristic destination San Zhi was supposed to become a luxurious rest place for affluent people in Northern Taiwan. However, due to myriads of accidents during construction, the city had never grown up. According to numerous rumors, ghosts roam across unnamed roads.
  4. An enthralling medieval town in Italy, Craco, used to be a prosperous and thriving area with a population enumerating 2,000 inhabitants. However, lots of challenges stroke, varying from bad agricultural conditions to natural disasters, including landslides and earthquakes. In 1963, the remaining residents moved to the nearby village, leaving Craco in decay.
  5. A French village, Oradour-sur-Glane is regarded as a relic of the World War II. By mistake, Germans invaded the town and murdered men, women, and even children. Therefore, the village serves as a moving reminder of the dreadful events.
  6. Gunkamjima belongs to one of 505 deserted islands, located in the Japanese Prefecture of Japan. The island was famous for retrieving coal from the sea by Mitsubishi. Due to the considerable attention to this project, the organization was forced to construct a concrete building that provided accommodation to the workers and protected them from the hurricanes. However, when petroleum superseded coal, Mitsubishi closed the mine and prohibited access to the island.
  7. One of the Russian cities, Kadykchan, was abandoned after the Soviet Union collapse. As the inhabitants were deprived of care and water, they moved to other cities. The locals hurried while living the town, and now it is scattered with toys, clothes, and books.
  8. Once a thriving town, Kowloon Walled City turned into a deserted area. This city was considered as a lawless state since both Britain and China did want to take control of it. Therefore, the residents built up their hometown with stunning buildings, also constructing opium dens and cocaine parlors. However, in 1993, the authority decided on the closure of the anarchic city.
  9. Due to the constant conflict between Cyprus and Turkey, the city of Famagusta remained a ghost town for 30 years. At present, the Turkish Cypriot authority representatives united their power to make the resort a tourist attraction and decided to construct innovative buildings and hotels.
  10. By 1993, the population of Agdam, Azerbaijan, had enumerated 150,000 residents, but then it was ruined during the Nagorno Karabakh war. The only reminders of the battle are empty buildings, covered with graffiti.