Aquaman Movie Review

You have surely noticed Aquaman movie posters, but what is the plot exactly about and how the public estimated the just out? The article presents the Aquaman review, which evaluates its strong and weak sides.

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Aquaman Review

Let us get started with some factual information on the film. The movie’s director is James Wan who is famous for the horror movies Saw and Dead Silence. The star cast includes such names as Amber Heard, Jason Momoa, Nicole Kidman, Patrick Wilson, Willem Dafoe, and Yahya Abdul Mateen II. The figures listed is already a reason to get interested in the movie.

Talking about rating, the audience estimated a movie starting from 3.5 up to 6.1 on average. Of course, it depends on the website you use to check this data. We may already notice that some people find it quite a usual one, while others think that it is fascinating. So, what is the most objective point of view on the feature film and its qualities?

As you start watching the movie, you are totally absorbed because the first few minutes may be characterized as the most compelling in the whole film. The director skillfully sets the tone for Aquaman and gives the audience a chance to feel that the movie is authentic and it tells an absolutely unordinary story.

The two figures, destined to meet, are finally gifted with this blissful moment. Everything that surrounds them awakens very pleasant feelings. Just imagine the calm ocean and the blue sky on a warm and joyful day. The plotline goes ahead, but it is not a typical love story. They give birth to their offspring. The movie is also about difficulties and challenges when it is not that easy to stay concentrated and take wise actions. Time passes; probably, a lot of time. Then suddenly, you may spot the quotation of Jules Verne. All the events are accompanied with the Sigur Ros’s heartwarming voice. There is a reason to state that the beginning of the movie doesn’t resemble anything else that you have ever watched in a DC film.


Undoubtedly, there is no point to say that Aquaman somehow refers to Justice League except for one moment when Jason Momoa is so excited with James Hetfield appearing on the scene. It is totally wrong to think that the movie created by James Wan is just a new variant of the Snyderverse. It is vivid that the motion picture is connected with other movies and storylines. The superhero film may be considered to be serious and grand for the couple of years.

Sure, it is not that masterly made as the Patty Jenkins’s one that was very well-balanced and elaborated. At the same time, it is not so bad as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. That is why we can place it in the middle of DC films.

Regarding the issue of identity, there are some ideas that may be similar to the ones expressed in Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle directed by Andy Serkis. The member of Atlantean royalty is born, but he has also human blood in his veins, because his father is a lighthouse keeper who fell in love with Atlanna, a princess of underwater nation. The hero never feels accepted or comfortable, and there is something wrong in it all.  He suffers a lot because of his mother who left him and never came back. Now, Aquaman decides that is a high time to think of his life’s purpose.  

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One more member of a royal family is Mera. She expects the beginning of a civil war and wants Arthur to help her. The Arthur’s mission is to win the victory and to change the way the things are. The actors performing the roles have already been teamed up in Conjuring movie.

Due to the fact that Arthur is the son of Atlanna, the queen of the Atlantis nation, he is a successor and has the right to take the leading position. The only thing is that he should be brave enough to announce it.

What happens next may be associated with Game of Thrones. We see the eternal conflicts, such as tyrannical rulers, conflicts between brothers, and social rebellion. However, James Wan only slightly touches the issues, not making them the center of the movie.

Many people share the opinion that Wan is bright-minded enough to produce something as groundbreaking as Fast & Furious 7 rather than horrors that he became known for. He has his own style of setting the tone. He has shown all his talent while working on Aquaman, the movie that cannot leave its audience indifferent. It shows a breathtakingly beautiful underwater world, and suggests a perfectly chosen soundtrack. A great number of artfully orchestrated details prove the director to be a real professional.

Now, when you see an Aquaman poster, you have something to recall on its main plotlines and issues. Hopefully, the movie will light up the sparkle of interest in you. If so, take your friends and go to the cinema to enjoy the new superhero movie.