Awesome Analytical Essay Topics

Undoubtedly, there are many analytical essay topics, however, not all of them can bring the student the positive grade. We have created the list of effective topics for analytical essay so that you could just relax and focus on writing. Look through our analytical essay topics and choose the one that seems interesting to you!

Look through the analytical essay topics that will bring you to success:

  1. Discuss the art of graffiti and the main reasons for its popularity.
  2. Is it possible to find a balance between a career and family life? Discuss the ways of its reaching.
  3. Analyze the differences in communication patterns between women and men.
  4. Discuss the historical and cultural context of the particular book.
  5. Analyze the appearing trends and tendencies related to the perfect body size.
  6. Explain how to avoid dominance in multicultural families.
  7. Analyze in what ways a certain book/movie/TV show can be useful/harmful for the child`s development.
  8. Analyze the specific book/movie based on real events.
  9. Discuss the reasons why people start smoking or drinking.
  10. Does every teenager have a rebellious nature?
  11. Why having a pet is good for a child?
  12. Why procrastination is dangerous?
  13. Analyze the negative consequences of idolizing celebrities?
  14. Why do some individuals choose to be homosexual?
  15. Discuss the importance of tolerance in the contemporary diversified world.
  16. Analyze the role of the memory play in the successful child`s development.
  17. Why doping issue is acute in contemporary sports competitions?
  18. Does the body size impact the quality of life?
  19. Causes and consequences of gambling addiction.
  20. Should college education be available for everyone?
  21. How does the artist`s background influence his/her works?
  22. The importance of cultural education.
  23. Pros and cons of health insurance.

Undoubtedly, there are much more analytical essay topics. We also encourage you to find good examples of analytical essays available on the web in order to understand how the arguments should be developed.

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