The Best Graphic Design Books

In the modern era of smart and mobile devices, most people are signed up to numerous RSS feeds, blogs and newsletters which are great if you would like to know the latest news and various tips from the industry. But did we forget about all those amazingly designed books so that they disappeared in process of content digitalization? You can start filling your empty bookshelves with these wonderful books for graphic designers.

Los Logos 7

This one is the last edition of Los Logos series, which displays modern development in logo design. The book is an in-depth survey of the visual languages and styles which are used by logo designers from different countries. This digest is published in the landscape format.

Los Logos 7 has 400 pages and is divided into several categories. It demonstrates the latest innovations in contemporary logo design and presents coming styles and trends. The practical examples shown in this book inspire designers to push their work even further into the future.

The Elements of Graphic Design

This work is an introductory book on design, which provides readers with an insight into the topic. It presents numerous examples which illustrate the author’s points, along with different quotes which add value to the book. The content is very rich and presents the author’s opinions. The Elements of Graphic Design is very useful for those who want to learn about design from the ground up and those who want to strengthen their knowledge of the topic.

Big Brand Theory

The book is an exciting compilation of the highest-profile branding campaigns, which provides great examples for those who want to understand the key elements of successful brands. Here, you can find studies of worldwide renowned brands = that use important design elements which are needed for crafting a youthful and dynamic corporate identity.

The book provides a multilateral examination of all the branding concepts and presents great examples devoted to many elements that are utilized in huge campaigns. Big Brand Theory is richly illustrated and is an irreplaceable guide through multiple industries the reveals what actually works in the world of branding.

Thinking with Type, 2nd Edition

This work is a great guide to type design and the role it plays in visual communication. It is very well-structured and does not bombard you with type-speak. Each new term is defined and illustrated in a straightforward manner.

Thinking with Type is divided into three major sections: Letter, Grid and Text.

The section Letter shortly introduces type and looks at type classification, designing typefaces and screen fonts.

The section Text tells about finer details such as kerning, spacing and alignment and provides simple type exercises.

In the section Grid, author tells how important grids are in controlling and presenting type.