Best Job Search Tips For Students

For some students, especially international students, it is important to find a part time job to handle their finances. Read on to learn how to find a good part time job quickly and successfully, while you’re still studying!

How to make money in college and find a part time job

  1. Decide what job you want. There are many good part time jobs offered in the market today. So, first of all you have to decide what kind of job you’d like to have. If you’re an international student, check on your visa restrictions to answer this question. Generally, the opportunities for international students include working no more than 20 hours per week during semester. Don’t rely only on your major to find a job. It can actually be anything from retail staff member and call center operator to data entry staff member and language teacher. If you can work only on-campus, you can find a position in a campus cafeteria, shop, administration office, or faculty. Make sure that you can have a flexible schedule on the job of your choice.
  2. Think how you can find it. Start with consulting your college’s job center. They can help you write your resume and cover letter and prepare for an interview. You may also search online or in local newspapers.
  3. Check on the salary you will get. See what’s the minimum wage allowed in the country where you study. For instance, in the USA it is $7.25 and in the UK it is £6.50 per hour. Also, see how often you’re going to be paid (monthly, fortnightly, or weekly).
  4. See if your can both work and study. You’ll have a lot to do in college even if you don’t work. So, make sure that you can combine all these assignments, lectures, tutorials, and exams with your work. See whether you’ll be able to find 20 hours for work every week, considering that you also have to cook, eat, go shopping, socialize, and, of course, sleep and take rest. Don’t take the work that involves heavy commitments and excessive stress.

If you manage to find the right combination, your part time job will certainly be useful for you. You will get work experience, develop new skills, uncover your talents and meet new people. It will be a great part of your college life.