The Best Party Schools in 2018

It's no secret that syllabus week is about to begin. As a matter of fact, a lot of college students are aware of the fact that for them it means the opportunity of throwing down before they are told to hit the books and burn the midnight oil. However, if you are almost ready with your essay and can't stop yelling constantly "Despacito" at the top of your lungs, checking out the following 2018 best party schools in order to find out where you could take the next weekend away is one of the greatest ideas. Of course, you can proceed with performing different songs on a dance floor alone. Thanks to a big number of sororities and fraternities, epic annual events, many bars near campus and more, the list of best party schools in the world will impress your considerably.

The Best Party Schools in 2018

  • Arizona State University

It is important to mention that the party culture is believed to be very strong at ASU. Frankly speaking, this is partly because of various clubs and bars on Mill Avenue. What is more, they offer student discounts and low cover charges. As a result, it appears as if Mill Avenue begs students that they get lit. In fact, Greek life is really popular here since there are 57 different organizations on campus alone. Those students who enjoy destinations where they can get lush should undoubtedly take this sports school into consideration.

  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

You might think that at your school Greek life is rather big. Nevertheless, think again. At the University of Illinois, there are 78 Greek organizations. What is more, it also has 12 bars where different live performances and concerts are held. U of I makes an attempt to throw down "Unofficial" every single St. Paddy's Day. This tremendous campus-wide party invites the dorms as well as other residences not to allow visitors take over the town.

  • University of Georgia

Take the advantage of an opportunity to stop in Athens, Georgia. "Second to none" is the best adjective that describes the music scene here. It's common knowledge that students adore visiting concerts that are organized downtown during all seasons of a year. Students admit that UGA underwent reduction in the number of nighttime sports games. What was the reason for that? This happened due to the fact that students had been spending too much time there. The club scene together with the bar downtown is second to none.

  • Louisiana State University

LSU's campus can boast of many nightclubs and bars that surround it on all sides. In accordance with this fact, you won't need to resort to hiding out under your blanket. Furthermore, another unique piece of information with regard to LSU is that students prefer taking part not only in football competitions, but also in other sporting events, namely soccer, gymnastics, baseball, softball and women's basketball.

  • Texas A&M University

Northgate puts forward countless bars and numerous dance clubs that include a few features for different party-goers. Taking into consideration the facts that the school here is huge and the town is believed to be boring, partying is supposed to be a very common thing. They have even a special party that is called 'ring dunks' where students begin with dropping their ring into the bottom of their choice of alcohol and finish with drinking it as quickly as possible so that they can get to their ring.

  • University of Colorado Boulder

It's interesting to mention that the biggest party that is organized here every year is considered to be also the biggest sporting event. In accordance with sophomore Allie White, there is always something going on here, including various fraternity evenings, as well as house parties. The snowboard team can boast of a huge reputation regarding great parties. The hockey team is famous for this, too. Nevertheless, Boulder puts forward far more than just different sports parties. Junior Lee Muse admits that there are constant groups that go to music festivals, snowboard trips and weekend getaways.

  • University of Wisconsin, Madison

Wisconsin cities are known as the ones that have the biggest number of bars per capita if to consider the entire country. They have nearly 52 Greek organizations that are situated on campus. Although parties here do not appear tough to find, the fun only begins there. You might ask, what kind of fun can students get up to here? Bars like Lucky's and Jordan's open up at 11 a.m. for kickoffs, which allows students to watch how the Badgers play. The Mifflin Block Party is believed to be the biggest party of the year at this university. What is more, it has its own page on Wikipedia.

  • Indiana University Bloomington

Sophomore Ryan Wittier states that people usually wake up in strange places here. For example, on a roof, under a pong table, a bush, wherever. The bars here offer reasonably priced drinks. Apart from that, they close later than it should be. With regard to IU sports, they have two teams, among which the basketball one has a better reputation than the football team.