Best Study Apps For College Students

All college students need study tools that will facilitate the studying process. And, of course, they need them to be inexpensive. Fortunately, many study apps are offered for free. They will maximize your performance, help you use your time better and facilitate preparation to exams. 

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The list of the best apps


  • Coursera. This app offers you to get online education at a number of universities and colleges. When you sign up, begin studying at your own pace and increase your knowledge base. Just choose the courses you need to supplement the subject you are studying at your college or get basic knowledge to prepare for entering a university.
  • Google Drive. Create spreadsheets, diagrams, and presentations. Keep all of them in the cloud and access them from any device connected to the internet. Store all of your study files and notes on Google Drive and access it from your Gmail account.
  • Dragon Dictation. This is a great app for taking notes. Just talk into it and it will convert your words into a digital document. Then you can save it, send as a message or paste it into another app. You can use Dragon Dictation not only for studying, but also for sending texts. Works only on iOS.
  • Brainscape – Smart Flashcards. Its flashcards will help you study better and quicker. You can create your own set of flashcards or download them (there are free and paid ones). Works on iOS.
  • Flashcards+. If you think it's just another flashcard app, you're wrong. It is done in a way that lets you use it absolutely with no effort. Its interface is clear and nice. If you need flashcards for studying a foreign language, it offers you pronunciation for 22 languages (you can choose the voice you like the most).
  • Quizlet. It offers you a number of subjects, and if the one you need isn't in the list, you can create your own course. You can use audio files and images in your sets of flashcards to add variety to the process.
  • Todoist. Apart from making lists, it allows you to do projects and subprojects, as well as tasks and subtasks. It offers you to set reminders, bookmark web pages, and track your assignments. Can be used on web, Mac and desktop.
  • MyScript Smart Note. This is the best app for those who like to take notes in class. It has great abilities to recognize almost any handwriting and convert your notes into a digital document. Works on Android and iOS.
  • XMind. It is one of the greatest mind mapping applications available today. You can use it for planning your projects and facilitating your study process. Paid versions are available for business levels. Works on desktop of Mac, Linux and Windows.
  • Evernote. This app is a combination of clipping, bookmarking, listing, and composing. If you need only one study app, it needs to be this one. Available on the web and on all mobile devices.

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