Best Tips to Get a Job

If you got a job interview, it means that that your resume and cover letter impressed the hiring managers. And now you have to prove in person that you’re a good specialist. Read on to learn how to do it!

How to Have a Successful Job Interview: Best Tips

  1. Before the interview:
  • Read the job description carefully once again. Pay special attention to the part where your functions and required skills are listed to get to know what is expected from you.
  • See how many people will interview you and check who they are. Use Google and LinkedIn for that.
  • Eat something light before the interview. At all costs, avoid garlic and other strongly smelling foods.
  • Wear the clothes that show you as a professional. If the company has a dress code, pay special attention to it.
  • Come ten minutes earlier to refresh yourself, adapt to the ambience and prepare.
  1. Beginning the interview:
  • Give a good and short handshake to your interviewer. Make sure your hands aren’t weak or sweaty.
  • Sit straightly and try to relax your posture (but not too much).
  • Make an eye contact with all people on your interview, not just one of them.
  1. During the interview:
  • Make sure you give good answers. If you don’t know how to reply immediately, say that you need some time to think. Don’t hurry up.
  • Don’t repeat what was written in your cover letter. Add to the conversation more details about yourself and your professional experience.
  • Be proactive and ask relevant questions as well.
  • Listen carefully.
  1. Questions not to be asked:
  • Your salary and trainings shouldn’t be discussed at the first interview
  • Questions about company employees shouldn’t be asked at all.
  1. Tip to make the interview go smoother:
  • Be friendly and kind, but at the same time determined in stating your point.
  • Don’t panic if the interview gets an unexpected turn. Remain calm and continue the conversation.
  • Keep positive tone.
  • If you don’t reach an agreement, don’t be irritated.
  • Be open to suggestions.
  • Ask questions if something is unclear.

Using these best job interview tips is one of the greatest ways to get a job of your dream. So apply these tips next time you’re on your interview!