Best Ways to Get into Christmas Spirit

The end of the year is slowly approaching and this means that “the most wonderful time of the year” with all decorations, lights, shopping and presents is almost here. But these days are not so “holly jolly” for college students that have more studying than celebrating on their mind. And it’s not strange because the end of the year (semester in their case) means finals, exams, stress. Oh, did we mention finals?

During this period of time students are under enormous stress and 64% feels that anxiety significantly affects their academic performance in a negative way. So the main question here, “How can you enjoy holiday season if you are driven crazy by all stress, exams, and responsibilities?” When the answer seems to be “That’s impossible,” we believe that even the busiest student can feel the excitement of Christmas holidays and get into the festive mood.

The best tips on this topic

  1. Make Your Room/Apartment Festive – Decorate!

The easiest way to create Christmas spirit around is to decorate your room with lights, ornaments, mistletoe or anything Christmasy you can find. The best thing about Christmas decorations is that you can find/create something beautiful on any budget. Even a tabletop tree, tangerines, and some candles will turn your room into a cozy Christmasy world.

  1. Visit a Christmas Show

Every city/town in the USA has a theater, and each of available theaters will have Christmas shows. Just pick the one you are more interested in, gather your friends and enjoy the festive performance.

  1. Shopping

The best therapy ever is the retail one. It will reduce stress, distract you from studying, so take a break and dig in the malls. Christmas decorations and special discounts – this is a paradise!

  1. Make Christmas Movie Night

My family has a tradition of making Christmas movie nights to rest from the daily routine and get into the festive mood. And I have to tell you this is the best way to feel inspired and happy. Christmas movies recall childhood memories and for a moment you start believing in magic again. Choose your favorite movie and make your evening magical! However, do not watch more than two movies. Unfortunately, you have finals and some studying must be done.

  1. Listen to Christmas Music While Studying

Well, we got back to studying. Yep, kind of unpleasant when everyone is having fun. But you can make even studying more festive – just listen to Christmas music. You can find some really nostalgic playlists on Youtube. I would recommend you to listen to Pentatonix, they have amazing Christmas album – their music is so beautiful and inspiring, so do not miss it!

  1. Prepare Holiday Snacks

Studying all night? Then you definitely need something to eat – prepare Christmas snack!

Studying is one of the most important things on your plate right now, but being healthy, happy, having a close relationship with family and friends is a true treasure. So do not spoil such a magical time of a year with a bad mood. The festive mood is your decision. Choose to be happy!