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Black Panther Movie Review

Following the article on top 18 most anticipated movies, let us share our ideas on one of the most controversial movies of the season.

Black Panther

Plot Synopsis

Following the events from Captain America, this movie picture a soon-to-be-king T'Challa returning back to his nation in order to become a lawful monarch of the African nation of Wakanda. However, he is faced with a conspiracy against his country and has to team up with a C.I.A. agent in order to prevent his country from being dragged into the next world war.

Characters and Cast

One of the things that set this movie apart from the rest is the change of the concept. If previously we always have seen only a white-male superhero that seems to be a normal to average person in everyday life. And unlike in many previous cases, many people will behold the movies with tears in their eyes, however, this tears will be for different reasons. Some people will be proud of the tribal motives and African descent in the movie, while others may be touched by the emotional response and the subtle story behind the main plot. Whereas some people will be mourning the lack of a visual representation of this cultural layer in the cinema prior to the Black Panther. Some people will proud that finally, a black person in the movies is not a criminal/sex offender/villain or just a silly twist of the plot.

Women Power

Is it only me who was impressed by the number of strong women taking a lead in the movie? It seems like the number of role models in this movie excels all the previous Marvel movies. Many viewers have also noticed that women of Wakanda are as important as their king, they are decision-makers, technical experts, and country-rulers. What is even better, the portrayal of these women is not over-sexualizes or objectified, as it happens with numerous female leads in the past (let’s take Harley Queen as an example with her short outfit and kinky behavior). Whereas Black Panther introduces numerous women who are multifaceted and ambidextrous, ready to put their duty over the love interest, devoted to their country and able to protect their country (sounds like a traditionally male depiction, doesn’t it?).

And the main superhero himself is a breakthrough for all Marvel movies as we know them. Not only his is a strong and smart male lead, he is not threatened by the women power around him. And he treats women in his life the way that should be treated, as equals.

Does it make this cast even better? Yes! If we take a look at the villain, we can see that Marvel has fixed their issues with overly malicious yet completely blank characters. Despite the fact, his story is similar to many others we know (abandoned child, lack of love and blah-blah-blah). However, it is his trauma and the way he had suffered that make him less a villain and more a victim (so to say). At least we can understand him, if not relate to the way he suffered.

Visual Effects

One thing that almost everyone would agree on, is that visual effects and sceneries are just breathtaking. All the details are well-toughs through and we can see that director wanted to focus on Wakanda as if it was a real community with traditions and history, rather than a briefly-sketched background for the main hero.

Ideas One May Appreciate in Black Panther

Call for Equality

One of the other things that set this movie apart is the idea of equality, unification, and closeness. The way this message is depicted is absolutely breathtaking and it makes people meditate on it and deeply appreciate it.

Leader at his learning

We can definitely say that this movie depicts a person who is about to become a leader of men at various stages of his learning process. And we believe that this can be a strong message for all leaders around the world, that it doesn’t really matter who you are or where you come from, if you want to lead your people, you have to learn first.

Healthy balance

Pay a closer look at the lifestyle of Wakanda. They are able to strike the balance between spiritual and modern, solving the problems rather than ignoring them. The movie also pays a great tribute to the culture, understanding the need to keep up to date with the technology.

How things could have been

One of the reviews brings up their idea that this movie could picture the development of an African community if they would never have to suffer from slavery. Personally, I love this idea, because we keep forgetting that white people are responsible for.

Why May People Hate This Movie?

According to many reviews (including numerous posts on IMDB), people think that this movie has been both overpraised and overhyped. Similar to the issue of overcompensation, it seems like the idea behind this movie is amazing however the way in what story is told is the problem many people struggle with. Let’s take the Wakanda country as an example. It is a technologically advanced community with a leader who runs around in a tech-suit (am I the only one who has a flashback to the movie where the suit did all the job for the man?) and the rest of the continent barely surviving. Seems like an exaggeration to me.

General Perception

Some people say that Black Panther Marvel movie is one of the strongest we have ever seen, as it combines the right about of heroic and tragic events, as well as offering some walk through the cultural traditions of others. It is well thought, partially overcompensating movie that you can watch if you are interested in Marvel universe and you just have to watch it if you would like to pay tribute to the equality if every sphere.

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