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5 Reasons You Should Watch Limitless Show

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Do you remember the thriller Limitless, where Bradley Cooper's character (an unlucky writer who lives in a mess and barely makes ends meet) gets to take a drug called NZT-48 that allows him to use 100% of his brain? After taking this drug, he experiences mental enhancement, learns new things much faster, and turns out to have a great memory. The film was successful and it seemed that it didn't need a follow-up. But CBS had another thing in mind. They decided to create a spin-off show with the same title. It has a different protagonist and Bradley Cooper only has a recurring role there. But the idea is similar – a simple guy gets NZT-48 and his life changes drastically. He even gets involved with the FBI and uses his abilities to help them solve crimes! Are you interested now?

Watch Limitless Show on CBS: Expert Guide

If you want to watch limitless show, keep on reading our TC guide. We are more than sure that everybody has already heard about new TV show where people from one town discover that they have super power. No, we are not talking about Flash.

Jake McDorman stars in CBS' Limitless. He plays a twenty something man who finds out about NZT, drug that can increase the IQ level and helps to use the brain on 100%. When he starts using his new extraordinary abilities, he decides to create a cure for his father who is dying. In addition, he becomes a target for people who want to kill him and, finally, he starts helping FBI. One of FBI agents, Rebecca Harris, recruits him.  

This scenario may sound familiar because this show is base on a 2011 thriller. Bradley Cooper played a writer, Eddie Morra, who also discovers the same drug and uses it to become a successful writer. This movie was inspired by a novel called The Dark FieldsIt was written by Alan Glynn.

So,  what is the difference between TV show Limitless and movie Limitless? Is it worth to watch limitless show? We will provide answers to the most frequently asked questions below:

  1. Does Cooper star in the show? Yes, he does. Moreover, he is an executive producer of this show. He also appears in the pilot series to show his character as Senator, who wants to run for president and notices Brian who discovers NZT. In order to understand whether he is a good or a bad character, you will have to watch the show. In the interview, McDorman tells that Morra differs in this show. Brian becomes a reason for Morra’s new intentions to win the presidential election.  Carpenter adds that many people use their names. However, he was surprised after first read-through. He protects his character and the world as a whole. It was mentioned by Cooper that in future episodes he will mace guest appearances occasionally. 
  2. Is this show another super hero story? It is obvious that Brian perceives himself that way. There is no doubt that he recognizes himself as a superhero of his personal story. However, it is the funny side of this show. Directors play with real life in the next episodes. Maybe Brian will not jump, run or climb as often as people would want him to do this because he has extraordinary abilities and has no skills to do anything of the above mentioned. In fact, Limitless show is a real thriller with mysterious things happening. In case you cannot perceive it as a show based on reality, you need to watch Supergirl.
  3. Will the show be set apart from the 2011 movie? It will not due to the respect to cinematography. Marc Webb, the director of The Amazing Spider-Man, also directed the pilot series.The aim of the executives is to make sure that the TV show resembles a feature film every week. Carpenter said that the pilot series could have been put in the movie theaters. That is how well it moves and looks. However, in regard to the plot, TV series Limitless should be presented as the movie continuation, not a remake. Alex Kurtzman said in the interview this summer that when you receive an opportunity to make a TV show from a movie, there should be a reason for this despite the success of the movie. The show has to be deep itself. People should feel that it was shot for television. After that a continued story can take place. He also said that he appreciates the fact that the movie has ambiguity in the end and many open-ended questions were left unanswered.   
  4. Don’t you think that Jennifer Carpenter got bored to play only cops? Well, Carpenter admits that he likes the movie. She was pregnant when she shot the pilot. She says that she does not think that it was important to do this, but she liked the overall work. In addition, she admits that something has changed in her character after she played Debra in Dexter TV show. She also confirms that playing Rebecca was a good opportunity for her to represent herself as a professional actress. 
  5. IS there a hidden aim in Limitless? Does the show try to emphasize the problem of abuse and use of prescription drugs? The answer is yes and no. it is obvious that there is no equivalent to NZT in real life. However,Modafiniland Adderall prevalence (these drugs position themselves as "The Real Limitless NZT-48!")in professional spheres was in the mind of creators’ mind. Craig Sweeny, the executive producer, says that despite the fact that the effects of NZT are fictional and unreal, the feeling that such drug will become a reality soon awakens tangible feelings among people. When you have taken the pill at least once and felt how different and powerful you can bee, it becomes a challenge to refuse from taking this pill once again. The question is: How can a person stay normal when he/she had extraordinary abilities?

We recommend everyone to watch limitless show and try to find answers to open-ended questions. You may ask, “Where can i watch limitless?” Turn on CBS and do not miss the show. Sometimes, thing that seem to be unreal can help us solve real life problems or at least forget about them for a while.

Of course, the thought-provoking serious drama shows we see on cable and streaming are great. Nevertheless, it's still good to have something fun and light to watch on network TV, especially if it shows good acting and writing!


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