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Bradley M.

Bradley M.

Bradley M., a skilled and passionate linguist, combines his love for languages and education in his work. His robust academic foundation, topped by a degree in Linguistics, allows Bradley to contribute to the field with his profound knowledge and skills. Having experience in both research and teaching enables him to offer meaningful perspectives as well as hands-on advice in the areas of language acquisition and effective communication.

Stories by Bradley M.
Literature and Writing

What They Don’t Want You to Read: Banned and Challenged Books

Torn Pages. Forbidden Topics. Burned Books. Sounds Familiar? There are images one may read in Fahrenheit 451. These are also realities and ways people use to censor literature this year, last year, and the year before. Banning is a practice that has been a part of human history for centuries. From different cultural issues to political views and religious norms, the banning attempts are vast. Like using a phone booth and writing essays by hand, book banning is something many people like to think is a thing of the past. But according to research, this practice is massive and continues to ...

Academic Writing

How Good Is ChatGPT as a Homework Assistant?

Learning Experiences Can Be Improved with ChatGPT When AI language-based tools appeared years ago, their performance was not up to the mark. Studies show that the first versions of ChatGPT have completed the theory-of-mind test tasks with mixed results that can be equivalent to the progress of a 9-year-old child. Thus, it was imprudent for students to rely heavily on an AI-written essay. But it was then. GPT-4 has vastly improved and ranks in the top 10% in simulating the American Bar Exam. Many students can use AI to successfully complete homework, provided that they rewrite texts to ...

Social Issues and Analysis

Reaction paper writing hints

If you are a college student, there is a huge possibility that some of your professors will assign you a reaction paper. Some of the instructors call this task a response paper, which is also acceptable. As the name suggests, to write a reaction paper, you need to read, watch, or listen to some work and give your response to it, express your reaction. Key aspects of good reaction paper writing As well as any other academic task, a reaction paper requires much time and efforts, and if you believe that you cannot cope with this task successfully, we recommend you to read our effective ...

Citation Styles and Writing Formats

The Vancouver Citation Style

The Vancouver citation style is the style formally used for making Recommendations in respect of the Reporting, Conduct, Editing and Publishing of Scholarly or Academic Work in Medical-type Journals, otherwise referred to as the ICMJE Recommendations. The style was developed in 1978 in Vancouver by medical journal editors. In-Text Citations How to place citations within a text: Numbers should appear in the part of a sentence where a citation appears. The originally-issued Vancouver style sheet does not indicate where in-text citations should be placed in terms of punctuation. Therefore, it ...

Citation Styles and Writing Formats

The CBE Citation Style

If you major in Biology, you will definitely need to write papers using CBE scientific style. In addition to creating a CBE works cited page, you will need to cite authors in the body of your work correctly. There are also some peculiarities in terms of formatting headings and subheadings, title page and tables presented in the paper. Fortunately, the basic rules are quite simple. When citing the work in the body of the paper you need to present the author or authors and the date in parentheses, which resembles the APA style. In the same manner, on the reference page, you will indicate ...