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Steven P.

Steven P., with his doctorate in English Literature, has a solid educational foundation in both linguistics and cognitive science. His academic path is marked by in-depth studies on language learning, teaching methods for writing, and the cognitive mechanisms that ensure successful communication. Having deep theoretical and practical knowledge, Steven is committed to guiding students and scholars on their journey toward academic writing excellence.

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Cultural and Entertainment

5 Reasons You Should Watch Limitless Show

Do you remember the thriller Limitless, where Bradley Cooper's character (an unlucky writer who lives in a mess and barely makes ends meet) gets to take a drug called NZT-48 that allows him to use 100% of his brain? After taking this drug, he experiences mental enhancement, learns new things much faster, and turns out to have a great memory. The film was successful and it seemed that it didn't need a follow-up. But CBS had another thing in mind. They decided to create a spin-off show with the same title. It has a different protagonist and Bradley Cooper only has a recurring role there. But ...

Cultural and Entertainment

Essay about Turkey Tourism

Introduction The term tourism is basically known as a way in which a country or a place uses its existing natural resources to market itself and to attract visitors from different countries to come and witness these unique natural features that the country possesses. This, in turn, will result in more economic benefits for the country in terms of foreign income. This will also improve and support the relationship between the countries. Thus, a country that stretches all the way from the Anatolian Peninsula in Asia to the Balkans region of Southeastern Europe has a lot to offer to ...

Cultural and Entertainment

Ready Player One Summary

The List of Things Some of Us Loved/Hated about This Movie One of the main things you need to know about this movie is the fact that people who are not into the world of video games are most likely to hate a new Spielberg movie. However, if you have ever played a VRG or RPG, like Halo, Eve, Final Fantasy, or WoW, you are most likely to enjoy the movie. So, let the spoilers run! Background Information Did you know that the movie is based on the book written by Ernest Cline, and it took him over 10 years to complete it? It became an ultimate success and was translated into more than 20 ...

Academic Writing

How to Write a Philosophy Paper as an Observer of Profound Matters

Philosophical assignments are “blessings” for many Liberal Arts’ students, as people who have more philological and creative minds adore composing essays that are centered around deep reflections. Philosophy adherents are more inclined to transcend the borders of usual reality for the sake of osmosis of the high knowledge. On the contrary, students with technical minds consider those tasks superfluous philosophical ramblings that do not have any practical value. You may belong to any category of these students. Perhaps, you have not discovered your philosophical potential ...

Cultural and Entertainment

College Party: Drinking Games

What could be better after hard studying week than having fun with friends and drinking a bottle of good beer or wine? Each newcomer knows that college studying is not only about classes and seminars. College is also famous for its every weekend college party.  Each college has own types of college parties and long celebration traditions. However, all of them include true American drinking games. It is a particular type of the college party culture. They also have a long history. In the past, true American drinking games included different dice games and solving riddles. Time flies fast, ...