Being a student at Oxford – by Custom writing service

Becoming a student at Oxford carries a great responsibility as the students here are expected to be the best in the country and excel in all aspects of their academic careers.
This means that admission into Oxford is not offered lightly and to only those students who are the highest achievers.
The university expects a commitment from its students that goes beyond merely education and has a code of conduct that students must adhere to.
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In addition to standard academic learning, all staff and students are expected to take part in activities such as vocational and personal development extra-curricular learning.
Furthermore, Oxford students must demonstrate a dedication not only to their own work but to the university as a whole.
It’s a high pressured environment where second best is not acceptable and because of this, the university provides a comprehensive system of counseling and support for its students.

Students at Oxford are not permitted to demonstrate anything less than perfect behavior and where some young people might see drinking and recreational drug taking as a part of university life, this is not tolerated at Oxford.

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Becoming a student at Oxford required commitment and dedication.
The admissions procedures are tough and only the best students will be admitted.
If you do get into Oxford, don’t let the opportunity slip through your fingers; make the very most of it!

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