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Essays and thesis require much detailed research so, where should you start?

There’s only one place to make a start on this type of essay with your reader in mind.
With this sort of paper, the majority of potential readers will be professionals in whatever subject you’re writing about.

This then means that you must present your paper will be read and studied by someone with expertise in that area, so you need to impress him/her.

What are the must-haves for your paper?

Some things are essential within your paper and one of those is a coherent introduction.
It should tell the reader what you’re about to present.

The body of your paper should follow a meaningful pattern that takes the reader point-by-point in a clear and concise manner.
Remember that you need to cite sources to prove you’ve researched thoroughly.
You should avoid writing in the first-person and you should include arguments on both sides of the equation, whatever your subject matter.

Be aware too that the examiner will be checking the content of your paper for certain things such as spelling and grammar as well as checking your sources.
He/she will want to know that you have shown a thorough understanding of your subject and can argue your case in a coherent manner.

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An essay or thesis when complete must be checked several times by not only yourself, but a third party.
It’s not always easy to see mistakes when you read your own work so ask a friend or another student to check your paper for you.

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