How to Compose a Master’s Thesis

A master’s thesis is written only by degree students and will encompass an entire area of one part of your study.
The principles required to write a thesis are more or less the same regardless of the area of discipline about which you are writing.
They should include common factors such as a demonstration of good research and thorough knowledge of your subject.
Your subject matter should include theory that is taken from the larger area of knowledge surrounding it.
For instance, if you are a law student, you may want to write a paper about divorce which is within the larger sphere of family law.
Your topic alongside the introduction should demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of your subject.
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You should ensure that you have very in-depth knowledge of your subject and can comfortably verbalize as well as write about it.
You should describe the methods you used to gather your research and cite as many sources as you can.
Ensure that any results you include in your paper are researchable by the reader and that therefore they will be verifiable.

Pay a lot of attention to your style of writing and your presentation.
Unlike undergraduate research papers it’s unlikely you will be permitted grammatical errors for example.
While you should demonstrate your ability to use the correct terminology, you should keep your paper simple and readable.
Too much technical language will make your work unreadable and stilted.
Avoid also repetition as this will affect the flow of your research paper.

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A master’s thesis must demonstrate the maturity of the author so try to write from an unbiased, adult point of view.
Remember that your paper may be viewed by people of all ages, races and societal groups and should therefore be as widely appealing as possible.

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