How to Write an Effective Essay, Term Paper, Research Paper

When writing any academic paper, you must make a plan for the structure of it before you start to write.
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Your paper must represent your knowledge of your subject; it is written proof that you know what you’re talking about.
For this purpose, writing a ‘statement’ is also often required.
This may only be one or two sentences describing the content of your paper.
It’s also intended to provide your reader with a brief synopsis of what he/she may expect from your paper.

So, how should a student prepare a thesis statement?
Whether your subject matter has been pre-determined for you or you have chosen what the paper will be about, you should simply summarize what the content of the paper is to be.
Put a question to your reader that will be answered in your paper and try to address the order of the content also.

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Once you have written your statement and your paper, ask a colleague to read it and critique it for you.
Ensure you’ve paid close attention to grammar, spelling and punctuation throughout.
If you are offered suggestions for improvement, and consider them valid, make the changes to your paper or statement.

A good thesis statement must have the recognized three parts; beginning, middle and end/conclusion.
The theme of it must be clear as must the evolution of your subject/topic.
It should make relevant points and contain excellent sources and references.
Your statement should do the same, but in micro.

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