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Jobs Unlikely to Be Replaced by AI

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I’m a fan of TV shows as you may have guessed. I watched every episode of Person of InterestIntelligence, and Almost Human, so do I have to say the question of human machinery, artificial intelligence, and the robots being able to replace your job bother me a lot.

Will Robots Take Our Jobs? Who is Safe?

The relationship between humans and technology are one of the most complicated ones, as it seems like a vicious circle of some sort. The more technology develops, the more we praise and want to embrace it. In return, robots replace human jobs causing pain and tears when people understand it’s the technology they loved make them lose their jobs.

Following our previous article about the skills artificial intelligence which won’t be able to replace in the near future (to read it, click here), today we would like to pay attention to specific jobs that are less likely to be replaced by AI.

While it is pretty obvious such trades as telemarketers, clerks, and receptionists are the jobs most likely to be replaced with technology, there will be a place for people who provide person to person experience of any sort, make decisions, or are able to arrange entertainment and joy.

Replaced jobs

10 Jobs That Are Unlikely To Be Replaced

No matter what the future automation will look like, we are more than certain that occupations related to human interactions won’t be replaced

  • HR Manager

One of the main things a human resources manager will have to deal with is a conflict between other people. One will need reasoning skills, empathy, and non-cognitive skills to deal with angry humans in order to hold the company stable. According to the research, this field is likely to grow and develop, and with it a need for more people to support and help employees will grow as well.

  • PR Manager 

I’m pretty sure that no robot machine can actually replace a good public relations manager because as long as there will be at least 2 people working for the company, the probability of an embarrassment or scandal remains high. As it once said in Gossip Girl, “Unlike the rest of us, sex lies and scandal never take a vacation.” So any company whip would like to contact press, unveil the truth, or deal with scandals, they will need humans for them.

  • Sales Manager

Okay, I’m not talking about cold-calling and people who are trying to sell low-quality goods produced God know where. I'm talking about people who use their intelligence and communication skills to create a network of people who would like to buy goods they are trying to sell. Salespeople have to be able to adapt, analyze trends, and have excellent communication skills.

  • Marketing Manager

Marketing itself is a complicated and hard to predict field, as it has numerous factors to take into consideration. It is also important to remember that marketing manager has tons of data to analyze, adapt, and find loops to make things work. They also have to correctly integer the feedback from clients and be able to correct the strategy accordingly.

  • Event Planners

You may remember an example from the previous article about a robot having to deal with a picky bride. So any successful event planner has to able to multitask, understand the needs of the client, and be able to correctly interpret the desired outcome in order to make the clients happy. This type of job requires negotiation skills, careful attention to details, and the ability to control multiple participants at the same time.

  • Writers

Moving to people who can provide entertainment and possess specific skills, we are more than sure that writers and poets can feel safe. And even if machine learns to rhyme and creates simple texts, it is unlikely to create imaginary words, use metaphors, and play with words.

  • Editors

Similar to writers, editors can also feel safe as AI is not likely to be taking over them in the future we can predict. While machines can perform simple spellcheck and proofreading, it is still far away from understanding context, clarity, and accuracy, as well as originality and general compression. It is important that the human being interprets and checks the text meant for other humans.

  • Software Developers

It is funny enough to understand that any AI needs humans to be taught, corrected, and synchronized, so the future of software developers still remain cloudless. As long as they have to deal with clients and provide client-specific services, deal with human users, we can safely claim that developers will be needed.

  • Graphic Designers

There is one specific category that can feel safe and not be afraid of robots taking over, and this is graphic design specialist. While computers are able to perform a simple operation, automate a certain amount of work, and replicate already excising ideas, AI is still not able to create the concept and provide an identity for the business.

  • Chief Executives

This will be the last category we are going to cover today and let me explain why I’ve decided to save it till the end.  It seems almost impossible to teach any AI to be the leader of men, and even less likely it is for humans to love the idea of being guided by a machine. Chief executives are not only leaders, but that is also responsible for broad vision, company’s representation, mission, and policies. They have to motivate people, guide them, and also report to stakeholders and board of directors.

You can also cheat and begin working for AI service (and have you seen artificial intelligence jobs salary rates?), but it is hard, time-consuming, and not rewarding if you are not interested in the subject or do not have related background to apply for jobs in artificial intelligence.

To sum up, I have to remind you that qualities like empathy, compassion, ability to plan and adapt, reasoning and judgment provide solid ground for many humans to hold their jobs. Besides, we didn’t cover obvious choices like pre-school teachers or medical workers, cause AI is too far from replacing them.


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