Make Your Paper Personal

Your thesis should be a personal research paper for any student.
You can achieve this by approaching your paper in the same way you would approach any other paper.
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Pick a topic that you are already very familiar with and expand your knowledge on it in order to write your paper.
That said, you should ensure that you already have sufficient knowledge to enable you to write your paper well before the deadline and then expand wherever possible.
Discuss the paper with your supervisor or lecturer if you need any assistance.

Always use concise language in your paper but ensure that you demonstrate the depth of your knowledge while writing your research paper.
It should be specific and avoid generalizations.
In fact, the very first sentence should outline the rest of the paper.
Your research paper if written using too many generalizations immediately moves from being a specific research paper to just a narrative of broad ideas.
This is what is required of an educational research paper.

Throughout your paper, state each point concisely and clearly.
Only assert and opinion if you are certain that it is the correct one.
Avoid using slang of any kind and make your points clear to your reader.
Do not make any assumptions in your paper; only make points you can prove.
Again, only utilize data that is proven and current.
Ensure you don’t go over or under your word count and make sure you do not miss the deadline.

Your thesis writing should also leave adequate room for any changes required.
Therefore, work with your plan and have your supervisor check it for you.
You may find that you need to change your paper’s theme if your supervisor suggests that there is not sufficient data in existence to support your theories.

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