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Must-Watch Gran Hotel Show

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Gran Hotel is an addictive romantic drama, which reminds us of Downtown Abbey in a Spanish manner. Its plot twists around a full of mystery love story between handsome Julio (Yon Gonzalez) and tender Alicia (Amaia Salamanca). Young Julio arrives to Gran Hotel, a remote countryside place in Spain, in order to visit his sister Cristina, who stopped writing letter to her family. He reveals that the maid, who worked at the hotel owned by the Alarcon family, had mysteriously disappeared. Julio decides to undercover the strange disappearance, changes his last name and starts working as a waiter to investigate the truth from inside.

While gathering facts concerning his sister’s vanishing, Julio encounters beautiful Alicia. Together they work to uncover Cristina’s strange disappearance. Julio and Alicia fall in love, but they can’t be together because of the family secrets and class division present at that time (the action takes place in the beginning of the 20th century). However, the intriguing love story line isn’t the sole thing that makes this series highly recommended to watch. Read on why this whodunit drama show is really worth watching.

Dona Teresa Gran Hotel: A Movie That Will Make You Thrilled

It is a great joy to watch how Julio Olmedo (starring Yon González) comes to the hotel to see Christina, his sister, who works there. However, at the beginning of the show he gets to know that she has left Alicia Gran Hotel in a suspicious manner. He gets employed at Dona Teresa Gran Hotel to work there as a waiter and reveal the secret of his sister’s disappearance. Soon, he gets acquainted with Alicia Alarcón (starring Amaia Salamanca), the daughter of the owner, who assists him in his search for valuable clues. Together, they try to get to know who killed Christina in Gran Hotel and doing so, they find secrets hidden at the hotel and in the family history of Alicia. If you still hesitate whether you should watch the movie, here are five reasons why it is really worth your time.

Why Gran Hotel Show Is a Must-Watch

You’ll be impressed by the stagecraft.

Beautiful locations of old towns and streets lighted with torches make Gran Hotel authentically Spanish while stunning outdoor shots filmed at the Palacio de la Magdalena and near Santander create wonderfully atmospheric scenes. Moreover, you will be impressed by the impeccably designed clothes, which perfectly match the appearance of each character, underline their personality (for example, Alicia’s costumes are exclusively made of virginal white lace) and create the image of the 1900s, which takes you back to those times.

Gran Hotel flames with drama and emotion.

The show, which recently has been one of the most popular series on Netflix, isn’t limited with a love story line only. It is diverse and emotional. Apart from “impossible to exist” affair of Alicia and Julio, there are various mysterious lines of serial murders occurring when the moon is full, Dona Teresa’s strive for keeping control of the hotel, the Alarcon family’s secrets, Diego’s real plans and intentions, conspiracy, hidden facts and other moments will keep the viewer sitting on the edge.

The acting cast is brilliant.

Adriana Ozores (Dona Teresa in the show), Amaia Salamanca (Alicia), Yon Gonzalez (Julio), Pedro Alonso (Diego) and many other stunning actors, who are exactly at the right time and in the right place, make Gran Hotel a unique, suspenseful, humorous, morally dubious show. You immediately fall in love with handsome, quick-witted Yon Gonzales and lovely beautiful blue eyes of Amaia Salamanca. The perfectly selected supporting players fuel the intrigue of the show and make it fun to watch. You can’t leave without paying attention to one of the main heroines Dona Teresa (Adriana Ozores), a widow and owner of the hotel, whose actions are covered with mystery and thoroughly planned at the same time. She has a role of a manipulative person, who arranges her daughter’s Alicia marriage with a suspicious-looking Diego (Pedro Alonso) for selfish ends. Diego Murquia, in his turn, is the right-hand man of Dona Teresa’s dead husband Don Carlos, who is obsessed with Alicia and has his own skeleton in the closet. Other characters include Alicia’s brother Javier (Eloy Azorin) – a cute womanizer with a Casanova complex, and helpful Andres (Llorenz Gonzalez), who becomes Julio’s friend and keeps his and Alicia’s secret. They perfectly supplement the plot of the series.

It is capturing!

Since the very first episode, you’ll become interested in what is coming next. The abundance of secrets, kidnapping, murders, investigations, adultery, jealousy, suicide, love, conspiracy, and revenge will blow up your mind. You definitely have never seen so much duplicity as in every corner of every scene of Gran Hotel. Super villainous Diego, manipulative Dona Teresa, Alicia, who is unhappy in her marriage with Diego, a vicious priest impregnating one of his parishioners, the mysterious disappearance of Cristina, and a lot more will prove that you have made the right choice of a to-watch show.

5 Reasons to Watch This Movie

  • Forbidden love and tragedy

At first, the only aim of Julio Olmedo is finding his missing sister. Then, he meets Alicia and his life changes. He gets to know that Alicia is supposed to marry a man her mother has chosen for her. She feels no love to him, and forbidden affair between her and Julio seems to be doomed because of class differences, problems, and tradition to have arranged marriages.  

  • Mysterious events 

Dona Teresa Gran Hotel is a setting for mysteries and secrets. Its rooms and hallways are weird and embarassing. Christina Olmedo disappears and the characters have to find a serial killer with a knife. Besides, there are a lot of threats, dirty secrets, and blackmailing.

  • A strong heroine

It is a joy to observe how an independent young girl, Alicia Alarcón, follows the calling of her heart in her feelings. A good-hearted girl does not care about social classes, and she is ready to struggle with the traditions and family principles of her siblings and even her mother. 

  • All joys of period dramas

This show is perfect for the lovers of period dramas. Set at the beginning of the twentieth century, the show is frequently seen as “Downtown Abbey” in its Spanish variant. Dona Teresa Gran Hotel is filmed in Northern Spain, at the Palacio de la Magdalena.

  • Smart and funny

The show amazes with it dramatic and crime moments, but it is also a great treat for those who enjoy a good sense of humor. Andres frequently finds himself in awkward situations, and a witty detective tries to do his best to find the criminal notwithstanding the opposition of Doña Teresa Alarcón, the owner. 

Where You Can Find Gran Hotel Series?

Three seasons of this impressive historical drama directed by Carlos Sedes are available on Netflix and Hulu. Though, at the beginning, the show was aired only on Antena 3 in Spain, nowadays, Gran Hotel is a huge hit of great series all over the world. In case you have decided to spend time watching this show, make sure you don’t make too much of the research on it as lots of reviews, which contain spoilers and subjective views, may distort your vision of the show greatly. Try to grasp every single moment of Gran Hotel on your own. You won’t regret anyway!

More than 50 hours of watching Gran Hotel show is exactly what you were looking for!

P.S. Despite the description of Gran Hotel might have seemed kind of creepy or vulgar to you, there are no sex scenes, no cursing, no violence (including graphic), and no computer graphic interface.


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