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Netflix’ Sense8 Is Worth Watching Because…

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All the experienced sci-fi and fantasy viewers or simply people looking for a dose of the emotional charge are welcome to watch Netflix’ original series Sense8. The intriguing plot, mysterious events, unexpected setting, affectionate feelings create complex relationships between the characters and the spectator.

Sense8 is a work of art by J. Michael Straczynski and Andy and Lana Wachowski, which deals with the current issues of modern society such as religion, gender equality, racism, and connects humans’ destinies in an exciting, though, complicated way. It is a deliberately entangled story of eight completely different people, who inhabit different cities and countries of the world, in particular, Seoul, Nairobi, Berlin, Chicago, Mexico City, San Francisco, England, and Mumbai. Their life changes when one day they discover an extraordinary, difficult to explain affiliation between each other. Since then, their life acquires a special direction aimed at surviving and preserving people they love from the imminent danger.

If such a description of the series hasn’t hooked you yet, we’ve prepared several other reasons why Sense8 is worth watching.

The Characters

Thanks to the main characters Nomi (Jamie Clayton), Will (Brian J. Smith), Sun (Bae Doo-na), Riley (Tuppence Middleton), Kala (Tina Desai), Capheus (Alm Ameen), Wolfgan (Max Riemelt), Lito (Miguel Angel Silvestre) and their compelling life’s connections, the viewer gets acquainted with the diversity of cultural differences and lifestyles that each character represents. The unconstrained confusion the heroes experience as they discover mental, physical, and emotional ability to link and share their knowledge with each other pushes us to follow the span of events.

The Settings

From the very first episode, you will find it difficult to explain where the action takes place. Considering the fact, the main heroes are from various parts of the world, the viewer is lucky to observe the wide variety of locations and its peculiar features. Straczynski together with the Wachowski managed to record the most beautiful views of India and Iceland and to provide the spectator with real settings that call for real emotions.

The Action

The most entangled part of the series, though, is to follow the pacing. Flashbacks, real-time dialogues, different locations of the world make the viewer take some time to understand and perceive what he/she has just seen. The action of the interrelated stories impresses: Wolfgan’s shootouts, Will and Capheus, who are being chased, Sun’s martial skills – all together create a gripping background for more serious issues of the series.

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Serious Issues Hidden Along the Plot

Along with stunning locations, full of action episodes, character’s diversity, there is a lot more the directors tried to conceal between the lines. First of all, the main heroes represent different countries and it means that no matter what nationality we are, we are equal, with the same rights and senses. Also, from the very first episode we observe different kinds of sexual relationships. Nomi is a lesbian, who in the ensuing episodes raises the topic of love and relationships while discussing it with Lito and Will. The first episode portrays the negative influence of drugs and which destructive effect AIDS has brought to the world’s population. It is Nomi, who brings to the discussion the issue of blackmail through phones. Racism is another serious issue that is hidden in the whole plot of Sense8 as the main characters belong to various national groups as well as social classes.

A Modern Fantasy Tale

Despite the fact Sense8 belongs to the fantasy genre, it has nothing to deal with superheroes. In reality, the supernatural abilities the main characters are endowed with serve as means to cope with difficulties the real life’s hazards has prepared for them, including the chasing of Mr. Whispers and his evil corporation, whose aim is to get rid of “sensate.” Capheus’ mastership to drive cars, Nomi’s hacking talent, Lito’s deceiving skills help the heroes to escape and protect themselves from dangerous situations.

Personal Relationships

While watching Sense8, it is impossible not to notice the personal touch that the directors portray in a very explicit way. All the action is built on the family and romantic relationships, friendship, and attitude to yourself. There is always someone important, for the sake of or because of whom the main characters make the most desperate decisions. For example, Wolf wants to prove his worth, Capheus tries to get money for his mother’s treatment, while Sun is responsible for her father and their family business. The directors appeal to the audience with the help of emotions and experience one might have had in his/her life. This approach of portrayal the events from the perspective of relationships shows us the human’s devotion and ability to cope with any situation.

The Wachowskis

One of the main reasons you should have a look at Sense8 on Netflix is because its editors are famous Andy and Lana Wachowski, the creators of V for VendettaMatrix Trilogy, and Cloud Atlas, who excel as picky masters of what they do. According to the recent reviews, Sense8 is considered to be by far the best production of Wachowski full of human experience, hooking plot, fantastic skills, international bonds, provoking situations, emotional richness, and intriguing relationships of eight outstanding actors.


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