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Although writing an opinion essay is a pretty enjoyable experience, many students prefer to purchase it online instead of spending long hours or even days writing this paper. There are many reasons for that. Usually, students are overloaded with numerous academic assignments and cannot find enough time for the writing process. Living under constant pressure, they are not able to focus on all the specific features of this assignment. One more obstacle on the student`s way to academic success is the lack of appropriate writing proficiency. It may result in writing low-quality and disorganized papers.

Opinion Essay Definition

Before you find out how to write an opinion essay, you need to understand the opinion essay meaning.

In its essence, it is a type of academic writing that requires expressing one`s personal opinion regarding some issue/problem/event/person/etc. supporting it with appropriate examples. Unlike other types of academic writing, this paper does not necessarily need to be based on credible facts. At the same time, it can be based only on the writer`s personal opinion. Whereas in other academic papers, it is not recommendable to use “I think,” or “I believe,” opinion essay writers are free to use these phrases.

Now that you know the answer to the question: ‘What is an opinion essay?”, it is time to learn more about writing this paper.

Opinion Essay Format

An opinion essay is a great instrument to teach students how to express their opinions correctly. Also, this assignment will enable the tutor to evaluate the students` ability to think critically. On top of that, opinion essay writing has many other benefits. They are as follows:

  • It enhances your ability to convey your ideas and insights. This skill is particularly important;
  • It boosts your writing skills. Having excellent writing skills, you will become successful as a student. What is more, advanced writing skills will help you succeed in the workplace;
  • It increases your expertise. By writing an opinion paper on a particular subject, you will learn more about it. After mastering various topics, you will become a more mature and confident individual.

As you can see, opinion essay writing is a pretty rewarding experience. To write good-looking papers, you need to be creative, dedicated, and attentive to detail.

Create a Good Opinion Essay Outline

When working on this paper, you need to follow a traditional opinion essay template that will help you organize your ideas in a logical order. Three basic parts of your essay are:

  1. An introduction. This is the opening part of your essay that is to provide your reader with the basic information about your topic.
  2. Main body. This part has to comprise several paragraphs. Each of these paragraphs is to include statements, supporting examples, and facts;
  3. Conclusion. At the end of your document, you need to summarize the main ideas discussed in your paper.

Opinion Essay Structure

Let us focus on the main parts of the traditional structure of opinion essay:

one (1).pngIntroduction

An introduction for opinion essay is the opening part of your paper. In this part, you need to grab your reader`s attention with a good hook and include a strong thesis statement. A hook can be a citation, statistics, or something else that would captivate your reader’s attention. A thesis statement is the claim that will help your audience understand what your paper is about. Your opinion essay introduction has to be short but informative;

two.pngMain body

Each paragraph you include in your paper is to include an argument and supporting evidence. An argument is an idea related to the thesis statement indicated in an introduction. Also, you will need to include supporting evidence such as citations from credible sources, real-life experiences, etc.;


An opinion essay conclusion aims to summarize your ideas. The final part of your essay is a perfect instrument to make a good impression on your audience.

How to Write an Opinion Essay?

Are you wondering how to start an opinion essay? Have a look at some tips that will facilitate the process of writing an opinion essay:

  • Choose your topic carefully. If you can pick up a subject for your essay, you need to choose the one that matches your interests. In such a way, you will enjoy the writing process;
  • Write a perfect introduction. There are many ways to start an opinion essay. However, all of them require adding a good hook;
  • Use formal style. Make sure to avoid slang and jargon;
  • Begin each body paragraph with an appropriate topic sentence;
  • Use the present tense when writing your paper;
  • Always cite your outside sources;
  • Use proper citations. When citing outside sources, make sure to follow the citation style required by your tutor.

Common Don`ts in Opinion Essay Writing

  • Don’t wait until the task moment to write your paper;
  • Don’t use statistics without appropriate referencing;
  • Don’t use abbreviations;
  • Don’t use exclamation marks;
  • Don’t address the reader as “you;”
  • Don’t use repetitive statements;
  • Don’t confuse your reader by jumping from one idea to another;
  • Don’t use emotive language.

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Opinion Essay Ideas

The best opinion essays are written on interesting topics. If you are not sure how to choose good opinion essay topics for your essays, you may check out the list of ideas provided below:

  1. Should people become vegetarians?
  2. What makes football different from other games?
  3. Why face-to-face interaction is the best form of communication?
  4. Is it difficult to be a leader?
  5. Reading novels enhances the individual`s cognitive skills;
  6. Should uniforms be mandatory in schools?
  7. Is it always good to be honest with children?
  8. In what way does dressing affect one`s behavior?
  9. Companies should check the psychological state of their potential employees;
  10. Why people should pay more attention to race problems?

We hope that our topics for opinion essays will boost your creativity. Once the topic is chosen, you may start working on the paper following the requirements of your tutor.


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