Proposal: Thesis, Term Paper, Research Paper

Writing a proposal for your Thesis is the first step and is expected of you as an academic writer.
It should provide an overview of your intended paper and should adhere to whatever word limit you were set.

Your proposal should contain some standard items such as a title, TOC (table of contents), your framework, acknowledgements, foreword, your methodological approach, sources of research and an appendix.
You may be asked to write a short summary of each section you intend to write.

You should take your time with the proposal as it’s basically an advertisement for your research paper.
You should be given plenty of time to write this proposal but it’s never too early to start thinking about what you wish to write about.

Many academics suggest doing your research first then build on that to construct the body of your paper.
Ensure you use primary statistics in your paper and back those up with secondary items.
Start your research as early as possible.

It may well be a good idea to build your entire paper around a question but you should be willing and prepared to answer it in the course of your writing.
The questions you set in your piece should engage your readers and leave them wanting to read more.

A Thesis proposal should of course be about your paper, but not necessarily about the entire research paper.
You might wish to indicate what your conclusion will be and what the reader might learn from the final few pages.
You can write your statement in a way that asks the central question so as to show what your piece is about.
As soon as your proposal is accepted, start work on it right away.
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