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Reasons to Watch Grace and Frankie

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Grace and Frankie is a light-hearted and at the same time unexpectedly deep show that impresses a viewer of any age with its universality of humor, diversity of risen issues and perfect cast of irresistible actors. Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris, who are the creators of the Netflix’s Grace and Frankie series, did a great job showing that we remain human beings who feel the same way no matter what age we are. Have a look at the most reasonable reasons why you can’t miss the show.

The plot is intriguing 

To your attention is a hooking story about two women in their 70s, who are jilted after 40 years of marriage with their husbands. Two male business partners Robert Hanson (Martin Sheen) and Sol Bergstein (Sam Waterston) announce that they have been having a secret love affair for 20 years. Their wives Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin) start to form a strong friendly relationship in order to cope with the shocking news and overcome the painful reality they’ve faced with.

The reality of the portrayed life is genuine 

Grace and Frankie is a sheer embodiment of real life with real people who deal with real emotions. It gives you a sense of involvement, which means that you sympathy when the main characters suffer and you laugh with them at the moments of joy. There is no pretence or overacting, which makes the show pleasant to watch.

Grace and Frankie deals with serious issues

Despite the fact that primarily it is a comedy show, Grace and Frankie covers plenty of problems that people come across after a divorce. The show is endowed with honesty of feelings. Robert and Sol decide to reveal the truth of being gays and finally become happy without conspiracy even if it is made at the expense of the wellbeing of their families. We see how the feelings of loss, loneliness, offence interlace with love, friendship and an entertaining manner to overcome difficult times.

Life doesn’t end at your 70s 

Moreover, Grace and Frankie is a perfect example to show that life is unpredictable and IS diverse at any age. It is one of a few shows that give a serious consideration to later-life sexuality and prove that a new love as well as friendship is available at any age.

The cast is irresistible!

The show’s favorites are definitely Fonda and Tomlin, brilliant in their play actresses, who got the feel of their roles and managed to bring a special charm to the series. Bringing such icons as Fonda and Tomlin back to the television is without saying a great bonus for the show. The appearance of Fonda in the role of uptight Grace and Tomlin in the role of aging carefree hippie Frankie is a sufficient reason to stay with Netflix and watch the Grace and Frankie show. The show is infectious with its good mood that the star-type couple of Fonda and Tomlin brings onscreen. They both deserve a great respect!

Grace and Frankie is quite witty 

Netflix has delivered a really needed provoking comedy, excellently presented by four veterans. Grace and Frankie might not be the most hilarious Netflix’s comedy. Nevertheless, thanks to Marta Kauffman and Howard J. Morris, this series is written in a very witty manner. Each episode includes plenty of humor and positive feelings. Frankie’s hippie jokes and Grace’s twerk dances at her pretty mature age make the show upbeat and heartfelt. One of the reasons you should watch the show is to be convinced that resentment, anger, betrayal, bitterness and other unpleasant feelings can be beaten by the cautious optimism and reliable people that are next to you in hard moments. The episodes when Grace and Frankie go clubbing, making out, eating healthy breakfasts, and having fun in a dating world are worth watching!

Take your pen and write down the quotes

You already know that Grace and Frankie is a witty comedy, which often makes fun of the cultural and social aspects. It’s not surprising that a lot of text from the script is used by fans of the show in their everyday life like : “ok, stand back, I’m about to lose my shit”, “and I’m a certified amateur psychologist”, “I’m an amateur sleuth with limited self control and a computer”, “your anger is frightening the sand”, “I gained another pound today. But I think it's a pound of knowledge”. etc.

It doesn’t take too much time 

Very often we put aside our plans to watch some show or a movie because of the lack of time and everyday busy workload. With Grace and Frankie show this excuse doesn’t count, as the episodes last for only about thirty minutes each and are perfect for binge-watching while eating, having rest or simply relaxing before falling asleep.

The rest of the cast is not worse than Fonda and Tomlin 

Of course, it’s hard to compete with the acting mastery of Fonda and Tomlin. Though, other actors, such as Sam Waterston, who plays the role of Sol Bergstein, and Martin Sheen (Robert Hanson), are second to none actors with great experience. Despite their quite negative role in the series as adulterers, their heroes personify the minority of the society which suffers from prejudiced attitude because of their sexual orientation.

June Diane Raphael is another actress, who has a part of Grace’s daughter Brianna and from time to time steals the show in Grace and Frankie.

In a nutshell, Grace and Frankie is a refreshing entertaining Netflix show which doesn’t have problems in holding the attention of the viewers’ of any age. The show is definitely worth being watched.


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