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Reasons Why House of Cards Is Worth Watching

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If you have not set up your mind yet on starting to watch the thrilling Netflix show House of Cards, I can definitely tell you that you should definitely do it. This political drama started its first season in 2013, and it has immediately won a huge number of fans. It gave a new vision to a rather old concept of corruption in the US politics. The thing is: when a political thriller is directed in a proper way, it will be definitely a huge success among the audience. And really – it brings much joy to watch.

I have gathered a few tips why you should definitely watch House of Cards. NB: there might be some spoilers.

#1. Backseat politics

Each time I switch on Netflix to watch these gripping series, I have a fly on the wall prospect of insider politics. Well, now you are also aware that this show is merely fictional, but still!

One of the best reasons why you should try watching is that because it provides a new insider look into the wheeling and dealing among the politicians. You can observe how numerous political aspects are presented from different angles, how the negotiations are held. Actually, you get the vision of how this political stuff is dealt on the inside.

#2. Brilliant actors’ performance

Claire Underwood is played by Robin Gayle Wright, and she definitely delivers a terrific performance. From the very first moment you see this woman acting, you will definitely know that it’s worth watching this show at least because of the brilliant actors’ play. She and her husband, Francis Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey), usually called Frank Underwood, are a deadly duo. Yes, yes, you read it right – Kevin Spacey. If you have watched some movies with him, then you probably know that if he is a leading actor, he does a really good job. The same is here actually. I was mesmerized with his play.

#3. Full dedication

The series demonstrate what true dedication between partners is: Frank and Claire would literally do anything for each other. Their relationship is not a common one: not everyone will be able to accept such kind of relations or handle them. They have their own specific sort of deep respect for each other. If you start watching, you will see what I mean. They are so immersed in the wish to gain mutual benefit from each other that they are just obsessed with this idea and accept everything one is willing to do even if it concerns some criminal actions or other affairs. There are no hidden actions that one partner does secretly from the other. They know everything about each other’s dirty laundry. While watching, you just can’t help wondering “why?”

#4. Love-hate relationships

Another great reason to watch House of Cards is because of the cast of characters. Here I will assure you that it’s not only Spacey and Wright who make these series. The cast of characters deliver astonishing performance: they play ambitious, bold, cunning, arrogant people and, on the contrary, weak and easily broken characters. It’s interesting to observe what people can do in order to achieve some of their long-desired goals. Such characters’ play arouses thoughts about what is moral and immoral, what is right and what is wrong, what is ethical and unethical. For example, will we sympathize for an alcohol and drug addicted politician?

#5. Snappy lines

Kevin Spacey playing Frank Underwood has one of the best lines in House of Cards. Especially his short one-liners are the most creative and succinct in the show. The whole series are riddled with powerful and meaningful phrases that Senator Underwood says. Among the most memorable quotes are:

“I have zero tolerance for betrayal, which they will soon indelibly learn.”

“The road to power is paved with hypocrisy, and casualties. Never regret.”

“The best thing about human beings is that they stack so neatly.”

“A great man once said, everything is about sex. Except sex. Sex is about power.”

When Frank Underwood delivers those lines, it seems as if he has some hidden secrets and he knows far more than he even shows. The perfection of delivering the lines is just immense.

#6. Washington without fluff

If you want to see a political drama without any happy endings and unnecessary fluff, then this drama is just the thing for you. This show will enable you to look at politics and politicians from a different perspective. After watching this show, you will never watch news or politicians’ speeches in the same way as before. Sometimes the show might be hard to watch, though. House of Cards presents the image of the political world in a kind of exaggerating and extreme way. However, that’s the thing that makes the show so popular among viewers. So many people are just entertained by it: thrills, intrigues, affairs, lies. Who wouldn’t like to watch it? Sometimes, after watching each episode, you might be left with a thought that not everyone on your team wants the best for you.

This look at the sick and twisted things Senator Underwood, his wife, and many of his colleagues will do to achieve a goal just gets juicier in the next seasons.

Have you watched House Of Cards?

What are your thoughts?


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