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There are numerous research topics on youth issues, but only some of them will be suitable for you. How to pick the one that will guarantee a successful paper? Trust your intuition and choose the one that appeals to you emotionally. The process of writing an essay about youth issues as long will be involving and satisfying, as long as the theme you deal with is truly meaningful for you.

We hope that the following list of research topics on youth issues will help you to find an inspiring theme for research.

  1. Racism among Millennials: Historic Background and Consequences.
  2. The Role of Social Media in the Interpersonal Relationships among Young People.
  3. Single Adolescent Mothers: Fostering a Fatherless Generation.
  4. The Notion of Gender: Who Am I, and Who Said so.
  5. The Existing Stereotypes towards Transgender People.
  6. Teen Pregnancy: How to Prevent It and Increase Awareness among Youth.
  7. How Violence at Home Affects Children’s Behavior.
  8. Bulling at School: Sharing Personal Experience.
  9. Prostitution among Young Women: Reasons and Preventative Measures.
  10. Cyberbullying and Its Victims. What Can Be Dangerous about Social Media.
  11. Drug Addiction among College Students in USA: Analyzing the Statistics.
  12. The Importance of Sex Education at School. Comparing Experiences of Different Countries.
  13. Social and Psychological Education as a Preventative Measure against Bullying at School.
  14. How to Recognize the Signs of Depression in Young People? The Connection between Depression and Potential Suicides.
  15. Professional Orientation of Undergraduates: Preparing for Adult Working Life.
  16. Mass Media Representation of Teenagers: Which Role Models Do Teenagers Follow Today?
  17. Prophylactically Effective Measures against Smoking among Teenagers.
  18. Safe Sex: When Shall It Be Taught? Who is responsible for sexual education: school or family?
  19. Child labor in the modern world. The organizations that deal with this issue and the hotlines available.
  20. Physical health of the nation: why physical education and sports need to be introduced from kindergartens.
  21. Obesity among young people in Europe: the tendencies and patterns of the last 5 years.
  22. Families living in war zones: how the military state shapes the lives of children and teenagers.
  23. Teenagers as the future of the country: how to improve the economy by educating young people in business and finances.
  24. Benefits and disadvantages of wide use of technologies among youth today.
  25. Young Olympics champions: how sport can impact the lives of youth.
  26. The most perspective professions for young people in the modern world.
  27. Changing schools and related problems. How to manage the stress of starting over.
  28. The favorite films and books of the youth today: how the tastes have changed over the last 20 years.
  29. Subcultural groups that exist today. How they form the philosophy and preferences of young people.
  30. Ethnical elements in the modern pop culture: how teenagers perceive their origin.
  31. Gender roles among children and teenagers. How the upbringing in families stimulate social behavior of boys and girls.
  32. Beauty standards of today’s pop culture and the challenges they bring to the girls’ self-esteem and understanding of female sexuality.
  33. Alcohol consuming among young adults: how they get it and why they need it. Comparing data from different regions.
  34. Teenage crimes: which factors contribute to the deviant behavior of young people and how is it being regulated.
  35. Suicide attempts among the people aged 14-17. Psychologists’ advice for the families to notice the alarming behavior and prevent the tragedy.
  36. Gone missing: how do teenagers leave their homes and why they never come back? Which social groups have higher rates of such cases?
  37. Teenage web slang: the use of shortenings and abbreviations in typing and their influence on the spoken language.
  38. The cutest guys and girls in college: what it took to be popular in 80s and what it takes today.
  39. The concept of a whistleblower: why telling the truth turns against a teenager and why fellow students punish each other for such actions.
  40. Violence as a sign of masculinity: why fighting is important for boys.
  41. Belonging to a gang as a privilege.
  42. Appearance as a tool of self-expression. Which elements of style are used by teenagers today?
  43. Mainstream culture as a trendsetter for teenage behavior. What is cool to do nowadays?
  44. Average screen/display time of a teenager during the day. How Internet changes the lifestyle of the youth.
  45. Music as an irreplaceable element of young people’s lives: why keys can be forgotten, but headphones – never?
  46. Sexism among young adults: which social stereotypes form our attitudes?
  47. Racism at high schools across U.S.: discussion of statistics and recent cases.
  48. Communication with parents: how it changed over the past 10 years?
  49. Demographic changes in the country and its effect on the size of families.
  50. Social media and their impact on life choices of the modern youth.
  51. Technological advances: do they facilitate better studying among young people or distract form it?
  52. Social activity: have the youth become more involved socially, or are they becoming more individualist?
  53. The skills and knowledge that is most useful for teenagers today. What should we teach young people?
  54. Religion among the young generation. Are teenagers more religious as compared to the recent past?
  55. Today’s celebrities and how they shape the taste of the youth.
  56. Employment of young people: challenges of starting a career right after graduation in the conditions of the modern work market.
  57. Starting a family: how the age of getting married has shifted? How important it is to have a family with children for young people?
  58. Substance abuse among teenagers: Let us speak numbers.
  59. Promotion of drugs and alcohol in pop culture: how the mainstream music forms the behavior of the youth.
  60. Ethical education of children and teenagers: responsibility of school and family in forming a moral and ideological ground in children.
  61. Dream lifestyle of today’s youth. How the values have changed over the past few decades.
  62. Cinematography as a reflection of the audience’s moods. The main themes of current films for adolescents.
  63. Porn industry as an important element in sexual awareness of modern youth.

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