Student Loans – Internationally

If the country you’re from has a low exchange rate, it’s obviously going to be that much more expensive to study in the UK or US.
For this reason, the International student loan program has been created to allow international students to study for a graduate degree in the US, UK or Canada.

These may be classed as private or alternative international loans for students which offer the following:
• The funds are sent directly to you, not your college.

• The loans are accepted and approved at TERI-approved schools.

• The interest rates are very competitive for the benefit of international students.

• There are no application fees.

• You can utilize the funds for your living expenses but it does means you must manage the funds with care.
Ensure that you pay for your tuition, accommodation, medical insurance and textbooks first.

• The repayment of an international student loan will be deferred whilst you are studying and for a further six months after you graduate.
Following that, you’ll have a twenty years to repay the loan on a monthly basis.

Here are some examples of private international student loans:
• The GATE Student Loan Program (Guaranteed Access to Education) is a private loan offered via contributing schools and colleges as well as banks.
Undergraduate international students may borrow using this program if they have a US citizen as a cosignatory.

• A Global Student Loan Corporation (GSLC) loan requires a cosignatory who is in the student’s own country or who is a student’s parent or legal guardian.

• The International Student Loan Program and the Study Abroad Loan Program are alternatives also.
They are a private loan program for international students to study at certain US colleges.

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Before you apply for a loan, you should have applied for all the following possible sources of funding:
Find out if your college supplies international student aid.

• Apply for international student scholarships and grants based on your own research.

• Contact your school’s international scholar administration office, application agency, or registrar’s office to ask for information about international student aid.

• You may find that you do require a private student loan rather than a government loan, some of which will not be available to non-residents.
The country where you are a resident may provide you with government loans may be more cost effective than those from the country you will be studying in.

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