Term Paper, Research Paper, Thesis, Dissertation

Any thesis or dissertation is a long-term project that requires a significant commitment.
Your paper must demonstrate your commitment to your subject and the depth of your knowledge.
It must also show that you can critically analyze data and produce coherent answers to questions set.
It is useful to choose one point of view or one argument and produce a series of relevant answers within your paper.
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Your paper should have clear direction with an obvious objective or aim.
Regardless of the subject matter, your research paper should present a question which you will then answer within the text.
You should also demonstrate how you found answers to the question you posed.
You should demonstrate methodical research techniques and ensure that your paper is consistent throughout.
This paper will demonstrate your knowledge of the subject so ensure you are fully cognizant of that fact or it will become obvious within the text.

Use plain and simple language but the phraseology and presentation of it should reflect intelligence and understanding of the data.
Your text should obviously reflect its title, so stick closely to the point and don’t over-elaborate.
You may present various questions throughout your research paper so ensure they are in a clear format and that you answer each one at some point.
Always ask your supervisor or tutor for help and guidance on the best direction for your piece and for sources of information to help you write your paper.
Your supervisor or tutor may read several drafts of your paper and suggest ways to improve it.

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A Thesis dissertation will of course be scholastic and academic in nature and your writing must reflect this.
You must compare your work to the work of others and ensure that it is at least adequate.
If others question your content, ask them why and take whatever relevant advice they offer.
Finally, your work should pique the interest of your reader and where possible should even raise new academic questions within your chose specialty.

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