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The Best Senior Project Ideas

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Here are some exciting ideas for a senior project on various subjects, so you have a chance to choose the one, which is the most appropriate to you. Typically, you can realize your best senior project ideas in such areas as:

  • Auto mechanics
  • Art Therapy
  • Clean Energy
  • Education, in particular technological advancements and their impact on new models of learning
  • Maintenance of Sandy Point Beach, Portsmouth
  • Bay saving
  • Social media and Marketing
  • Non-profit organizations and activities
  • Movement ‘farm-to-table’
  • Article writing for websites

Before selecting a topic for the project, you have to ensure it meets your school’s requirements. Most schools require such projects to include a research paper on the topic, demonstrating technical skills and making a presentation. However, if your school has other requirements for senior projects, you have to consider them before choosing an idea.

What Are Good Project Ideas to Try?

There are bundles of great project ideas, but you have to remember that payments for the best senior project ideas and mentoring are sometimes not given.

  • One of the ideas, related to the midterm elections, is cooperation with the team of a local candidate.
  • There might be some volunteering positions with the canvasser local board.
  • It is possible to arrange a drive for registering voters. 
  • You may get an insight into sports journalism: follow the boys’ team of hockey, cooperate with their coach and work on the articles for the website about the hockey games.
  • There are numerous ideas about the directions related to the farm-to-table movement of the food or food production. The students may cooperate with the restaurants or farms.
  • Some local non-profit organizations may need helpers with social media and marketing strategies.
  • Some of the local non-profit organizations may need assistants who can be in charge of daily or weekly electronic papers or newsletters.
  • There are projects related to repair and maintenance of the beaches.
  • The students may learn how the bills are submitted from a state or local representative in the identified area of need.
  • The students may learn how to amend the ordinance of the town or the school policies in the identified area of need.
  • It is possible to ensure maintenance of the school website feature with the graduate of the weak.
  • One more idea is related to the introduction of a campus exercise trail. 
  • A senior might cooperate with the Science Centers. 
  • There is constant need in the students who can be assistants in researching and performing analysis at environmental organizations.
  • There is also a need in clean-up organizers at the beaches.
  • There are research positions and opportunities for the students in the framework of the Save the Bay projects.
  • The students may cooperate with the recycling institutes and organizations.
  • A good idea is to plan a construction of a green house somewhere in the territory of the campus.
  • Execution of the planned Earth Day Fest.
  • Making a project of café composting can be implemented.
  • It is a valuable idea to develop a program of assistance and cooperation with a retirement home.
  • Starting an anti-bullying campaign in cooperation with the teacher.
  • Organization and implementation of the program related to Gay Straight Alliance.
  • Volunteering at the center of youth pride. 
  • Working as an assistant at the elementary school level.
  • Teaching art classes for kids.
  • Cleaning and upgrading community parks and playgrounds that require attention.
  • Taking care of an elderly person from a nursing home to support him or her together with the staff.
  • Working on the program to eliminate the problem of the homeless in cooperation with the shelter. 
  • Improvement of the facilities at the galleries and theatres in cooperation with fundraisers and arts foundations.
  • Propaganda of the local history through the created videos or with the use of local library databases.
  • Organization of college Olympiad in sciences and humanities.
  • Designing a science research project with its further implementation. 
  • Cooperation with the arts department to make the arts classroom better designed. 
  • Involving the students interested in biology, it is possible to work on hydroponics and greenhouse projects and even take part in hydroponics competitions.
  • Working on forensics projects together with the professors.
  • Development of the resources for digital classrooms needed by the specialists in digital media and computers.
  • Purchasing 3D printers for colleges and schools via effective fundraising. 
  • Projects can be aimed at learning how to work with 3D printers in certain age groups of students with resulting 3D printing projects.
  • Projects in robotics in cooperation with the coach in robotics programs.
  • Arrangement of events and organization of the activities for elementary school related to engineering, math, science, and other subjects. It may be interesting for future math or science educators.
  • Collecting videos made by the students about the future; archiving those predictions and ideas for the anniversaries and college reunions in ten, twenty and more years.

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Other Examples of Project Ideas

Creating Something

If you are a creative person, you will probably like this type of project. You can concentrate on making a video, a painting, or a book. Sure, creating something is often not entirety of the project, but it can be a great starting point. If you choose writing or painting, you may complete a great research paper on your favorite writer or artist. You may also like to write about the history of the art style you are going to use. Besides, you can always choose to write about different challenges of working with visual means of media, etc.

To make the choice of the topic for your senior project easier, you can look through some samples of similar works.


If you feel comfortable performing in front of others, you may like to complete a project, which involves a drama production or playing a musical piece. To write a research paper, you can choose as a topic, for example, a certain form or style of music.

Look through some courses on music theory and drama to easier find a good idea for the senior project. You can find a lot of interesting information about the elements of drama, different theatre kinds, dramatic comedy, musical forms, melody, harmony and many other points.

Real World Experiences

This kind of senior projects provides you with numerous potential options. What are your passions? You may like concentrating on such things as running a marathon, practicing a martial art or developing a fitness program. Keep in mind that your research paper on such a project has to focus on certain topic connected to physical activity that you are performing. You may like doing a research on various running styles, fitness programs and their impact on human body or study the history of certain martial art.

To complete an outstanding project on these topics, you can read interesting and useful information from the course on human anatomy and physiology, which will help you learn the way our body functions and provide you with the support required for this type of the senior project.

There are dozens of other best senior project ideas, and this list can be extended with new projects and initiatives. Everything depends on the creativity and willingness of the students.


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