The Outline of a Thesis or Research Paper

The outline of a Thesis is literally the breakdown of your paper into parts.
It’s the bare bones of your work to which you will add content in the final write.
Likewise a good outline is required for a research paper too and you should incorporate certain principles into the outline.

View your paper in a critical manner and make bullet points that relate to what you wish the content to be and what it should convey.
Make sure you only plan to use relevant material and that you stick to your outline when writing the piece.
Ask your supervisor or tutor to review your outline and make suggestions for how you might improve upon it.
This is not usually a requirement but does demonstrate your willingness to exceed expectation and work to the best of your abilities.

Should you find some interesting matter that you didn’t run by your tutor or supervisor, mention it to them next time you ask for a review of your piece.
In the outline plan, try to be exacting and ensure that any claim you intend to make can be backed up by solid research of your own or that of others.
You can always alter what you intend to write but if you have your basic outline, it will help you to remain focussed.

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The outline of your Thesis can be useful to look back on while you are writing your paper so that you can be sure you haven’t omitted anything important.
It matters little at what point you begin writing – it doesn’t have to be the beginning – as you can always re-order your work when it is complete.
The important thing is that your final paper contains everything your plan originally allowed for.
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