Thesis Paper for Seniors

Writing a thesis when you are a senior is a daunting challenge and it is imperative to do it well as your overall degree can depend on it.
These papers require a significant commitment on the part of the student and further require a great deal of self-discipline.
You must make good use of research – your own and others – and ensure you know your subject inside and out.

Where possible, you should try to write on a topic that has not been covered many times before.
This will require research that will take a lot of time and extends beyond the classroom environment.
You will have to draw upon the research of established academics in addition to your own research.
So what are the points to note when writing this sort of research paper?

One of the first things to do as a senior writing such a paper is to choose your topic.
This isn’t always easy and you may find it difficult to choose.
You should choose something of current interest and which is peculiar to your field of expertise.
Even though it’s tempting to write about something that is of great interest to you, but not necessarily researched before, you should stick to traditional well researched subjects in order to have proven results and sources to cite in your paper.

Do your homework and research your topic thoroughly.
Get lots of sources but don’t overwhelm your piece with them.
You should have just enough to show that you are conversant with research methods and that you can interpret data.
Run your ideas past your peers and take note of any advice they might give you.

Once you’ve chosen your topic and start your paper, make a plan of what and how you intend to write.
Your paper must demonstrate that you have absorbed a great deal of knowledge and must call on all resources available to you.
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Senior’s writing a thesis should constantly revise and edit their research papers.
Anybody can write a research paper but it takes a senior academic to write a paper that will be admired by your peers.
Again, revise it often and review it yourself but also ask your colleagues to do so.
View it objectively and be prepared for some negativity from others.
Make sure you give your supervisor a draft copy to critique before you make the final submission.

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